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Very often I feel that people are voting for brand not for the style they like.
I would buy that Tag in a heartbeat. Always loved that line
I would say that the range of prices for the watches on this poll is a bit absurd... I mean its a bit difficult to compare a $110 MVMT watch with a $17k Patek Philippe. Also, unless I am mistaken isn't the point of these "polls" to theoretically see what could become available for users at a lower price? I can guarantee you will never find Rolex, Patek, Vacheron, or any of the other high-end horological brands on here as they keep there distribution # very low and only to very select retailers, they wouldn't even consider a reduced price mass sale site like MD. Personally I love the Calatrava or the LeCoultre Ultra Thin, but neither of those will be found on here unfortunately.
Orient Mako XL and the Triton please!
why do people constantly put Rolex on polls. Rolex will never sell in bulk and never for a discount. The face that they are reducing the inventory they sell to non-Rolex owned stores and that the prices of more recent Rolex watches are increasing in the gray market shows how far they are willing to go to protect the value of the brand. You would have more luck with Breitling, Panerai, and other mid and low tier watch brands.
I was going to come and comment the same. None of these prestigious brands will sully their brands with massdrop.
I just hope massdrop could get some higher end Seikos (maybe some grand seikos?)
There are quite a few nice grand Seikos too.
Not a fan of those Movado or MVMT watches. The bambino is a cool watch, however, personally I'd go for one of the other dials.