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Feb 11, 2016
Funny enough, the R9 290 thats winning currently is the exact R9 290 I had, I'm glad I got upgraded to the GTX 980 instead because the R9 290 I guess was optimized for multi-monitor or 4k, but at lower graphics, instead of trying to get higher graphics or higher frame rates. The 980 nukes it.
That, and the R9 290 is known to have voltage issues;(EDIT: I mean this particular version of the R9 290, not all R9 290's, apologies, I mistyped this originally.) it will choke the VRAM for power until it blacks out, and that's not just my card, its actually a known issue. (google it if you like.) They even know about the problem, and have made a bios update for it, but unfortunately it still has the issue unless you over volt it a bit...and that's without overclocking it any further than they did out of box.
Just thought I'd throw my two cents worth in here. Before voting, I suggest researching the product for known issues. I hope this helps. :)
Feb 11, 2016
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