How long will it takes for this to be on MassDrop, Sorry first time voting for keycap set.
2.25u right shift in adapter kit for Leopold FC users
Please, do sa. Dsa is so thin and no steps ...
Soooo lovely!
i must buy this
This set is absolutely gorgeous, but please let's go with SA. I feel like DSA doesn't fit these keycaps at all, especially the novelties/japanese prefectures.
Would absolutely buy in SA. Something this nice deserves better than DSA.
Sorry, this time around they are going to be made in DSA, the interest seems to be split 50/50 and the time to produce DSA is much lower at the moment. In the future, if the SA hype has died down a little, I would definitely be down to rerun it in that profile!
Y no SA:( It derserve no metter how much time it needed because SA looks much better and will be in definitely unique(I can go dye sub a dsa set from taobao and possibly get similar things)
So when these beautiful keycaps getting made?
Man this set looks really cute, would deffo buy if this dropped.
will buy if DSA
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one more thing, is it PBT?
No, it is doubleshot ABS, PBT is only available for Dyesub, which I can't do for my set because the legends are lighter than the color of the keycap. They are still very high quality! (I can say from personal experience)
I like the simple yet beautiful style and color of this set. 10/10 would buy immediately
Beautiful set; sculpted sphericals with the unix control key position in these colors would be a dream come true. A particularly boring dream, maybe, but still: I would be unreasonably happy
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I prefer to have to control key where capslock usually is; it's easier to reach, and as a momentary rather than locking modifier it's less annoying if hit accidentally
Ah, I see. That key should be in the Adapter kit, so you'll be good to go!
1.75u R3 key in novelty set a possibility?
Love it, would fit on my girl's hand.
Love it, will order.