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To all of those who so dearly want the Audio Technica M50x's and have been voting for them in almost every headphone poll everywhere... Just keep in mind what you are getting, and make sure it is really what you are looking for. Youtuber Zeos Pantera has a few very critical and objective videos explaining why the M50x's aren't for anyone, and pointing out what else might be a better option. His original M50 review:

his second M50x review:
If you're looking for gaming headphones, he has a breakdown of good options.
Here is his review of a similar and comparatively priced headphone from Shure:
And here is his review of the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, which I currently own and recommend for their much lower price if you don't mind open back.
And here is his review of Audio Technica's open back option in this price range, the AD 900x:

I hope this helps people further refine their decision, and keep in mind, there are hundreds of headphones out there. Don't get a pair because everyone tells you they are the best. Get a pair because they will do what you want them to do to your music, games, or movies. Never be afraid to do more research. EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to mention, in this price range, Fostex offers an excellent lineup of planar magnetic headphones. Just jeep in mind you will definitely need a proper amp for these.