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That is a very good business practice but it could lose the potential of what could be a very large sales order all in one fell swoop.In which case could be upwards of a thousand or more units which I am sure even if Schit took 15% off there list price would leave them with a very nice profit and all this without waiting one by one order and dealing with one by one order as they may come in.Something to surely think about unless what they are doing is just something to pass the time with (maybe's it's just a hobby) .Should be interesting to see this one plays out.
ODAC+O2 is high-end now? Not arguing they're good in their tier but there are much better options if you have a bigger budget.
Why do people keep adding SChiit stuff they will never be on sale, you're just making it harder for other products to be voted on.
TIL: "High end" = under $500
If we can't get schiit then we should vote for the JDS LAB's new Element. Massdrop had so many O2 drops, It would be a good chance to try the Element.
Sorry, but Schiit will NEVER EVER have deals. It will NEVER happen. Via
Refer to quote:
ON "DEALS" We get asked all the time about deals, sales and other incentives, such as Black Friday specials, EZ credit, trade-ins, monthly payments, purchasing with 2 cards, and a whole raft of other “can I get a better price” questions.
So, here’s the deal: We don’t do deals.
Why? Because when you run sales, specials, financing, or other deals, it has exactly three results:
1. It makes everyone wait for the sales, so suddenly your company is addicted to them. 2. It makes everyone who bought before the sales wonder if they got screwed. 3. It makes everything cost more.
Read #3 again. The simplest sales model is one where everything is a fixed cost, no sales, no promos, no special package deals, no loyalty programs, no EZ financing. And simple is inexpensive. Simple means we don’t have to pass the cost along to you. Anytime we do a sale, start a promo, offer a package deal, or start a loyalty program, we’re adding cost to our products.
That’s why we have one price list, no discounts, no sales, no promos–because it passes the savings along to everyone.