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I don't think Sennheiser will let Massdrop sell the HD800 and HD800S at a discount until a new open-back flagship is released (excluding the Orpheus). The HD800 and HD800S isn't even distributed through the normal channels as the other phones of Sennheiser.
K812s are terrible, just wanted to say that. Let's get an hd800 to mod or an hd800s
None of the HD6-- series are "high end" headphones.
No kidding.
Everyone and their mom wants $300 headphones for $200.
Not to mention isine 20 is even better than many of over the ear high end headphone. Clean is the other name of this IEM.Great soundstage excellent midrange and plenty of low ends. you can hear every instrument crystal and clean. Looking for bass? it has plenty of them puncy and go deep. But you need a nice dac/amp. Don't hope you'll get all from it using lighting cable with iphone.
Audeze isine 20 is one of the best IEM I have heard from so far. I had chance to listen to it from one of my friend. Waiting for this drop coming on Massdrop.
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Did I say IEM's ? my bad. Actually Audeze mention it as a headphone. I know it is odd. If you have a smaller ear than you'll have a problem fit it on your ear. But once it pass in fitting test, believe me this will rock you. I also own LCD-X. I would say it is as good as 75% of LCD-X. Look at the prize different. It does not have to be isine 20. My friend have isine 10 and I own isine 20. but honestly they sound almost similar except isine 20 looks great. so this time instead of saving $100 what about $200?
You make some good points. They do look pretty cool, to be honest.
Is there a slightest possibility that 6xx or 650 will be available on massdrop again
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Bro I need a bit help hd 650 at $315 on Amazon deal seem very agreeable but what about the authenticity of the product is there any way to make sure that the product delivered is genuine ,your suggestions plz
When I bought a 600 and 650 off amazon I received a little card of authenticity inside both boxes from Sennheiser. If you buy off, then you can ALWAYS return it. Not the same can be said here on Massdrop. Plus, Massdrop sends everything in chunks so it could take a while before you actually get the product.

I strongly recommend buying off Amazon. Amazon is always my first choice.
And for the record, I think the 600's are better than the 650's. Watch this guys video:
I'm in love with HiFiMan's model HE1000. I heard them at AXPONA in Chicago-land last year and have lusted for a pair ever since. So ... that's my vote.
There are enough polls for the HD6XX's. This poll is intended for high end headphones ($1,000+).
Please, do not add or vote for headphones that do not fit the original criteria.
AKA: It's between LCD-2/X's, HD800S's and K812's.
Thank you!
If this is a poll for high end headphones, then the Sennheiser HD600, HD650 (and by implication HD6XX) certainly belong here. In Stereophile's 2017 Recommended Components list, both the HD600 (which I know you own/owned) and HD650 share a Class A rating with the HD800, Audeze LCD-X, and Audeze LCD-4 (the AKG K812s do not appear on the list).
In your mind, I would certainly agree. However, have you or have you not noticed that virtually every single headphone poll includes 600/650/6XX's? Again, there are more than enough polls for those headphones. What if you already owned one? What if you already own/owned all three? Most people are only on Massdrop specifically just for the 600/650/6XX drop. Do you understand that?
Everyone knows that everyone and their mom wants $300 headphones for $200. We get it.
I did not add them for a reason. I did not add the HD800's because they are shit. I did not add the Tesla's because I think they are shit, also. I did not add the LCD-4's because they don't compare, price wise, to what I originally added. The HE6's were supposed to be the 'bargin' option.
K812's on their website: $1,500 (for the same reason why tube amps exist, this is not a reference poll) LCD-2's on their website: $1,000 (for mini comparison between the 2 cheapest LCD headphones) LCD-X's on their website: $1,700 (planar-dynamic's vs HD800S's, really) HD800S's on their website: $1,700 (I want this to drop badly(like many others)) HE6's on their website: overpriced (cheap planar option is cheap)
Massdrop won't work with Amazon. They will work with the manufactures, aka MSRP pricing.