In case anyone here might be interested: This was one of the IEMs voted on, but the original version!
Tia Fuerte and iSine were disappointments at CanJam SoCal 2017.
I literally prefer my Etymotic Mc5.
Campfire Audio - Andromeda probably has the most broad appeal of high end IEMs currently.. not sure why it has so little votes. Perhaps anyone who wanted Andros already has em?
Why Oriolus the most voted? Never think this IEM sounds good, strange tone and only suitable for voice, anything else sounds splited on this earphone. Or everybody only enjoys vocal music?
Something interesting: at the Tokyo Headphone Festival last month, I tried the new version of the Oriolus Mk II and Cyras said it only had a different cable...but man it was brighter and not as laid back. Which means it might possibly be that flexible in affecting tonal balance and better candidate for warm complement to brighter IEM or a great "only" IEM to have. I will do a bit more research. When we do first hybrid special collaboration, it has to be great. :)
Anyone else think the Oriolus looked like a smiling cat when you first saw the thumbnail?
I used to own them, so it just reminded me...we have to try and get them! As soon as I sold them, I regretted it.