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A SATA 2TB drive is leading the poll? Really? Come on, guys. SATA is obsolete at this point, and it's kinda pointless having a high storage SATA SSD. You can get a SATA HDD with double capacity for half the price and get more or less the same result for the utility you'll give it. Go for either the Corsair MP500 or the Samsung 960(corsair has better specs and more durable hardware overall)
960 pro or 960 evo. 256Gb is starting to be limiting at this point, might as well push a little harder and get 500/512Gb now. I'd get 4 personally to upgrade all systems at home.
950 Pro. End of discussion.
PCI or M.2. SATA SSD's go on sale all the time. Don't waste the poll
Go for 950pro
SSD 950 PRO NVMe is the answer, without a doubt.
Sata III interface is the limiting factor at this point. You cannot beat PCIe SSDs.
900$ for 2tb... cheap! Neat, I could definitely not figure out a better way to spend my easily found stash of gold and jewels!
Stop voting for all the expensive ones. Vote for 500 or 250 gb so some can actually buy
It grinds my gears when people vote for something hardly anyone here can afford... 256GB 850 is a much better idea.. it's something the masses can actually buy.
I think thought behind it is an 850 256gb is $99.00 not on sale; and it goes on sale ALL THE TIME. I picked one up for $75 when I built my computer (now the 1 or 2tb editions would be something I'd be interested in since they run 300+ dollars). While N.VME drives are new and practically are never on sale and the whole point of this website is to get stuff on sale that isn't usually personally I would love to see any of the N.VME drives on sale because I ain't droppin $350 on 512gb anytime soon.
hopefully people will vote for the one with the replacement kit so people with laptops can still use it to upgrade their laptops. for the people with desktops they just get a free hard drive/ssd holder, a drive cage, and a cool screwdriver that I actually thought was a pen before I watched a review for the product! (in other words the only reason I want this is because I constantly carry my notebook which is dangerous by it's self, and also I need faster load speeds in games such as counter strike global offensive and for things such as Fallout 4 and other open world games.
Samsung and Intel generally make the best stuff when it comes to solid state drives.
vote for the m.2 it is the best one is is 2 to 4 times faster than the 2.5 inch 950 is the best!
Agree 950 is much better for primary storage, on a personal level the 850 2TB i need for secondary space or back up.
SSD 850 PRO 2.5" SATA III 2TB, really guys? Historically massdrop might offer something slightly cheaper, but this is so far out of reach of most of the people here. That very harddrive is more expensive than mid-high end gaming computers...
Just upvote the 512 or 256 GB versions...
Like Kobur, I'm looking for massive storage but I could use both since I'm going to upgrade to a ASUS Sabortooth Z170 Mark 1 motherboard.
Please offer the 120gb this time.
120gb? Thats useless but ok.
You can store your porn on the HD you know.
I bet 80% of the people who voted for the 2tb wont even buy it. It would be nice if we could have a more practical option like a 500-1tb drive.
Yea... The hard drive on my laptop is falling and I want to get an SSD. Would be really nice if they offered 500gig or 1 TB version​....
The more space you have on the SSD the longer its lifespan.
Based on?
+1 on the 950 and Intel PCIE offerings -- As far as speed goes there is nothing that compares. The Intel 750 comes in a 1.2TB version
But you can't fit that in a laptop and the samsung 950 you can, at least if you have m.2 slots and i have two.
950 is waaaay better than 850 guys, even though it only has 512gb's the speeds outrun the 850 by a mile.
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I'm aware, just stating why I'm not interested in a PCIE or M.2 form factor. I currently run a 850 pro in my laptop.
Looks like people are having success with the 950 pro using the NVMeGeneric kext. Also I think there was a recent OS X update that added rudimentary NVMe support because of the MacBooks probably upgrading from PCI-E/AHCI SSDs to NVMe in the near future.