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I think that in this situation a very small knife is needed. Such as STRIX RHK-1. Img source

A better use of your money would be to donate to which is working to make all states respect the second amendment regarding knives.
Auto-knives or OTF certain styles look like "Switchblades" The push to outlaw them goes back to the era of Rebel w/o a cause and Westside story and US Rep. Delaney of Nanny York 65 years ago and in 1958 US passed the Switchblade act which was amend in 2009 to exclude spring-assisit and many forms auto knives . Much like the US led the war on Cannabis that spread around the world (as well as other psycoactive drugs - but excludes caffeine drinks). The war on knives spread - so in the UK average citizens are defense-less and criminals turn to battery acid. In CA legally you can carry a 6" bladed bowtie knife like Jax does in SOA. I would almost rather have that over a lock back as you have a small hilt to keep from cutting yourself if your using for defense as your hand stops short of the blade if the blade meets resistance going forward. The UK has even banned screwdrivers and other items - so criminals have resorted to battery acid. 2" OTF - Meh.
Half of these are auto knives. Thought they were illegal.
For half a second, I thought this was a petition to bring California out of the repressive oppressive dark ages, and into the freedom-loving 21st century USA. Nope.
What would be the point?
I have the Kershaw and the ProTech. The ProTech wins hands down in weight, size, blade quality. Everything about it is better
I think it's wonderful to imagine Microtech would: #1 Consider selling their products through a relatively obscure, online-only retailer; #2 Be willing to offer even the tiniest discount to said retailer; #3 Commit ahead of time to producing a certain number of products by a given date; #4 Even if so committed, handle their own manufacturing processes efficiently enough to meet the shipping date deadline; #5 suddenly start producing a product that they have not for over a year, if memory serves me; and #6 do all of this in order to sell a couple hundred units of their lowest-priced product, which they would have no trouble selling through their existing network of authorized retailers, who are constantly asking Microtech for more inventory of certain models, including the UTX-70, a product for which demand far, far exceeds supply.
I say this as a fan of Microtech, proud owner of an even dozen Microtech OTFs (for today at leasr; got another two on the way from far-flung collections). I do not, however own a 70, as I've only been seriously collecting for about a year, and they haven't beem made during that time. I don't know if its marketing strategy or manufacturing troubles, but Microtech ain't exactly the most consistent supplier in the world.
But all that said, you got my vote. No harm in hoping and dreaming big...or small, as the case may be.
I know it's not otf but why not add the Kershaw launch 4?
Holy shit yes, I was just saying to my wife I hope they do an otf drop, but why only one blade.
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What's the difference
Or, you know, if you live in California...
Already have mine, but if they drop the black blade version, I'm on it. :)