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Thanks to PCMRwill0956 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC available.

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MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC

MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC

Why would anyone want the founders addition?
lol, i don't want it either but if price drops by 300$ i'll think about it. if anything I'll probably resell it.
For water cooling. EK water blocks fits only the FE and similar.
Massdrop often offers their own revisions of dropped products, and the 1080 founders edition will likely follow that trend. The reason why so many people are voting for the FE is probably that they're expecting a limited-time Massdrop-edition heatsink and shroud assembly for the card, cheaper than the FE and likely very competitive with other aftermarket cards. I wouldn't freak out too much if the FE here beats out the aftermarket cards in votes, especially since these aftermarket cards are designed for a niche market that wouldn't be very excited to hear about a cheaper version being released. Maybe a 1050, 1050ti or 1060. I wouldn't count on seeing any aftermarket 1070's or 1080's appear on here at all.
For the love of god vote for the 1070 or 1080 oc strix. Those are way better than the FTW editions and the founder's edition. They run quiet, the 1070 more so than the 1080, and they're pretty decent for 4k gaming on lower settings.
I agree. Dont vote for a blower cards, when there are better revisions in the choices.
Founder's edition is the same as a stock standard card.
I bet you all these people are going to liquid cool the card, its what I will do!
titan x for the win
common guys vote for the asus rog strix 1070!!!
why tf
Guys please dont be an ass holes vote for the strongest of them all asus strix oc 1080 and 1070 they are the baest of this field
ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Overclocked Edition is the nicest looking (imo) and the fastest 1080 out right now way better than the founder edition.
Can someone gives a reason why so may people vote for founders edition?
I honestly think the 750 ti is the perfect card for 4k gaming. I can get an entire 5 fps and everything. It really lets me strategize in between the frames.
I feel you ^ why in the actual hell would we want the founders edition over the rest?
If we could get some votes for the 1070 FTW that'd be greaaaaattttt
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they catch fire and are unreliable. Dont
yeah, it still makes me uneasy buying it. At the moment im favoring the FTW hybrid which has really low load temperatures, but if it has the same board it could still have the same problems (possibly)
For the love of god stop voting for the founders editions!
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I know, right? Vote for the ARMOR or Gaming X or Z. They perform better.
gtx 1070 msi
WTF is up with those votes on founder editions cards???
I voted for the 1070 because it is 80% as fast as the 1080 at a fraction of the cost already.
Agreed. I voted for the Gigabyte 1070 with the 3 fans. Cooling FTW
Why is everyone voting on founder's cards? They're a waste of money.
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I have an EVGA 1070 ftw in my PC right now and I couldn't agree more ^^
the evga cards have been catching fire recently due to uncooled vrms..
This is high end gpus correct? So why is there a rx 480 and a 1060. Also WHERE IS VEGA AMD.
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True, and a really shouldn't care that much any way because I'll never be able to afford high end gpus lol.
no one loves radeon cards
Voted some 1080.
we need the 1070!
The 1070 is better than 1080. its 200$ less and 20 fps less. its the one of thebests preformans/price cards of 2016
Hey I'm new so how do I know when to come back and see what won. Do I get an email?
You should, yes.
I voted for the 1080 Classified from EVGA
Personally, i am waiting for the 1080ti
Ditto. Whenever it comes out I plan on saving for it, as well as the acer x34p...
Ditto is already out mate.
The big issue is that a lot of people have an opinion on brand when it comes to graphics cards. its clear that people want a 1080 based card. the real poll should be do you want NVIDIA/EVGA/MSI/etc.
I also voted for EVGA Classified because of all the extras they put on it - and still plan on watercooling it. My logic is, grab a card with a great chipset and WC anyway. Why people go for crappy FE.....
add a 1060
I don't think a 1060 is "High end", it's more of a mid-range card.
The Titan X should actually be up top then the 1080's then the 1070's, if you want to get an expensive card for cheap! Please tell all your friends we can get an expensive card for cheap then link them to this site then tell them they have to create an account to vote. Vote for the Titan X then the EVGA 1080's if you agree with me.
To be fair, most people aren't even interested in a 1080, let alone a Titan X, but your point about the more expensive ones having better discounts is valid.
Actually i am yet to see a massdrop sale on a gtx 10xx card lower then rrp. Even after they meet a target price doesnt drop.
EVGA ACX3 SC has my vote
Everyone that has voted can you voice your opinion, if you voted for a founders edition tell us why, if you have no good reason watch video reviews because it simply makes no sense at all .
The only reason I can think of to buy a reference card like the FE is if it's being used in a small form factor build where heat needs to be exhausted outside the case. Other than that literally any other version of it makes more sense. Although even then EVGA, MSI, and Asus make versions of the card that have a blower type cooler and are slightly less expensive.
Very true, going for a Micro-ATX build should of added the aftermarket FE's for sure. That blower design means not having to go for water-cooling on the GPU saves a bit extra to go on the other things.
I voted for the founders because i will be watercooling it with my current 1080fe
Fair enough. However I'm willing to bet most who voted for it did it reflexively and not out of necessity.
They all have ACX 3.0 the ones that matter anyway. EVGA should be up top with the FTW followed by the Classified 1080s and then the MSI over the ASUS because 1080 is better than 1070. C'mon people wake up!
No No No stop voting for the founders no one wants that pos!
To me the cheaper ones still seem pretty good because at the end of the day is a 1080 card.
That's exactly what I'm saying. The more expensive Founder's Edition is actually *worse* in virtually every way than the other options. I'm usually very into reference cards, but the 3rd party cards are much better this generations. The ACX3.0 SC should be first: it's cheaper and more powerful.
Why is the Founder's edition in 1st place? It has the (admittedly very attractive) reference cooler, much lower OC headroom, and comes with lower factory specs than almost every other version of the 1080? And it's generally more expensive? I'm at a loss as to why the EVGA ACX3 SC edition which is cheaper and has higher factory clocks isn't in 1st here?
I think everyone who voted for the 1080 founders should've voted for the 1080 FTW. It's cheaper, faster, runs cooler, and quiter. I have one.
The strix 1080 OC is easily the best 1080 brand with the 1900+ mhz boost clock