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yeah they are actually selling for between 1100-1300 dont know why it would list the msrp as 1700,
When will we know if this MassDrop will be happening? I thought it was after 200 votes? I'm quite new on here, so I havn't quite figured it out yet, but I'm really hoping we can get a MassDrop on the X34, or Asus' competing monitor when that releases
I saw another vote for ultrawides, where the X34 was the top voted as well. But nothing seems to be happening?
Am asking myself the same question. I email Mass Drop about this poll. They just said they were going to contact the vendor and that they would look into it.
The X34 and the X341CK are essentially the same panel with the exception of the X34 having the premium price for the G-sync chip inside. I'd personally like the X341CK, but I'm also hoping that ASUS will get their model ROG PG348Q Curved Display on the market for comparison and price competition.
I run both an ATI fury X machine and a Nvidia 980 ti rig but the G-sync premium is just too much. The LG 34" ultrawide on mass drop is locked at 60hz while these are topping out at a minimum of 75hz (freesync) and 100hz (G-sync).
I'm curious if anyone has the X34 and an ATI card just to see if it defaults to the 75hz of the X341CK or only operates at 60hz?
Um. so like. The product info from massdrop reports that this monitor retails at over $1700 when on the acer website its listed as $1300. would this be squared away and re-adjusted if this actually becomes a drop? i sure hope so, id love to see this monitor drop into the triple digit range.
pre ordered the X34 when i heard about it, should be launching in a month where im at, here is a review of the monitor if anyone wants to take a look,