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Dec 6, 2015
The X34 and the X341CK are essentially the same panel with the exception of the X34 having the premium price for the G-sync chip inside. I'd personally like the X341CK, but I'm also hoping that ASUS will get their model ROG PG348Q Curved Display on the market for comparison and price competition.
I run both an ATI fury X machine and a Nvidia 980 ti rig but the G-sync premium is just too much. The LG 34" ultrawide on mass drop is locked at 60hz while these are topping out at a minimum of 75hz (freesync) and 100hz (G-sync).
I'm curious if anyone has the X34 and an ATI card just to see if it defaults to the 75hz of the X341CK or only operates at 60hz?
Dec 6, 2015
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