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Not only would this drop not work because of laws, but there is NO WAY Microtech would distribute a special shipment of at least dozens of units, maybe hundreds, to a third party vendor. I've actually inquired; they were polite enough to turn their heads so as to not laugh directly in my face.
Even if they were willing their production process just isn't efficient enough. Case in point, the pics below if my new UTX-70. Microtechs has been saying they woulr be making the 70s in the "new" body design since it was actually new, and that was late 2016, I believe, or early 2017. In any case, they've been telling authorized retailers to get ready any day for the shipment of 70s.
I got mine last week. They were so sought after that the store selling them didn't even post them in their available inventory, they just quietly told a handful of customers who were known Microtech junkies. And just in case you're thinking maybe other places have them, and my neck of the woods was left out, check out the serial #. Crazy, no? I guess the little ones are harder when you have the internal mech to deal with.

I do not believe Massdrop will pursue this seriously, because these knives are made in the U.S.A., and MD likes We Knife of China, thousands of jobs taken away from Americans for greed.
I definitely don't want to debate politics or economics, but only point out that MD is having their upcoming Perpetua made by Millit Knives, of ID. So hopefully you're in that drop, if the knife is anything close to something you could use. I myself was on the fence about it, because I have plenty of knives with those basic specs, but the Nitro-v blade steel and manufactor by Millit, who are very highly regarded, convinced me to go for it. That's one out of about a half-dozen+, but people come to MD looking for low prices; if a Chinese
OK, just one political/economic point: the Perpetua is one out of about a half-dozen+, MD original collaborative knives, and I believe all the others, as I'm sure you know, are made in China. But isn't the whole purpose of MD to secure low prices on quality goods? So provided the quality is there--and it most certainly is with We Knives--shouldnt MD seek out the best price for their customers, even if it means not using American labor? How much of a tax are we willing to pay to have American made? It would seem the proliferation and success of stores like Wal-Mart are the resounding answer of the American public: basically zero. Americans are willing to pay almost no extra $ cost to have American-made products. Either make it as cheap as its Chinese competitor, or be gone, say Wal-Mart's profit figures. So I don't think MD fairly can be blamed for doing what companies many, many times larger and with much larger profits do, that is, bring in customers by offering low prices; secure low prices by using cheaper overseas labor. Seems like it's more my fault and your fault and friends, neighbors, etc. All we'd have to do is buy American...
...except when it comes to knives. The American knife industry is plenty strong; many companies, like Microtech actually, can't fill all their open positions. So buy Chinese blades w/o guilt.
I'm pretty sure that Massdrop is based in California. As such, I'm almost positive no auto OTF knives will ever become a drop on here.
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"A recent addition, this exception was added primarily to distinguish true switchblades from so called "Assisted Opening" knives. This makes it legal to import or buy Assisted Opening knives over state lines without running afoul of federal law... " Stop reading whatever idiotic site you've been reading from, and this is a direct quote from, and start reading the actual law itself. That is NOT what it says, nor what it implies. That may have been the intended purpose, but it is not the result.
I'm not answering the rest of your comment since you have an "inability to perform research or actually read the legal agreements on each of those sites"
EDIT: I will answer one.
" Blade HQ will not sell to any individual or group outside the State of Utah without the above conditions being met. This does not apply to automatic knives manufactured, distributed, purchased or sold within the State of Utah. Proper identification may be required before the order is shipped in cases where restricted items are purchased. " Section 9, 17 and 18 go on to state that basically you are responsible if you provide false information, will be held accountable, etc. It's their legal fallback in case the feds want to investigate. They are covering their bases. Doesn't mean you or they will ever get in trouble, but it does explain why Massdrop would not want to tangle themselves in that mess. If all you do as a company is sell knives, maybe it's worth it to go skipping around a law that's practically never enforced.
This whole block, has no legal standing in court. It's already precedent that you can NOT just shove a single line into your terms of service and suddenly pass the buck. That's not how the legal system works. If it was, no one with lawyers would ever be responsible for anything. It's very often that the terms inside EULAs and TOSs are found "Unenforceable", and this would be one of those cases. Especially since no reasonable person would say that the buyer is misrepresenting themselves. You don't have to provide a .mil address, you don't have to provide id. You don't even have to check a box that says, "I am a leo or military procurer"
If you legitimately think these would hold any water in court, you're extremely naive, and need to study some case law before opening your mouth(ex. Harris v. Blockbuster Inc. ; Rodman v. Safeway, Inc. ; Douglas v. Talk America Inc. ; etc). And even then, you clearly misunderstand the technical building of an OTF automatic, and how subsection 5 of section 1244 applies to it.
"Stop reading whatever idiotic site you've been reading from, and this is a direct quote from, and start reading the actual law itself. That is NOT what it says, nor what it implies. That may have been the intended purpose, but it is not the result"
Well thanks for all those facts which clearly defend your side of the argument that OTF knives aren't switchblades or accountable to the federal law... oh wait, you are just expressing your opinion and don't have anything which actually refutes the original argument. It's just me and you here, so I would think twice about posting more conjecture as truth, because the only thing you've convinced me of is how stubborn you are.
You have nothing to support your initial statement:
"Lmao you're full of shit dude.
How do you think BladeHQ, Knife Center, etc are selling OTF automatic knives?
Do you think they're selling them illegally? get out of here with your bullshit XD"
Nothing at all. Furthermore you're contradicting yourself, as you said "automatic knives" which are not Assisted Opening because they're... Automatic. A switch controls the action of deployment.
And on to your added strawman argument (which does nothing to argue whether or not switchblades are legal to sell across state lines or whether OTF knives are switchblades) about whether or not it would be a legal battle in court, I already said as much as you: that I don't believe it would actually ever go anywhere in a court of law. So congratulations on proving an irrelevant side argument to yourself and which I already agreed with. I'm not debating how much of this would actually be blamed on who, or tried on, just that the sections exist within their agreements.
As a microtech OTF owne, I can tell you for certain to stay away from the ELMAX blades. The steel is junk.
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Elmax is an excellent steel if its done correctly. And in respect to M390, its SIGNIFICANTLY easier to be done correctly.
Here's an order of blade quality(obviously not listing every steel out there):
1) M390 done correctly 2) Elmax done correctly 3) S35VN done however the hell you want to 4) Elmax done wrong 5) M390 done wrong
If you got a bad blade, then microtech messed it up, which is rare for them. They're familiar with Elmax, and generally do it well.
Elmax is an excellent steel if done correctly. Most microtech blades are done correctly.