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My 823 in Medium is near perfect in every way. The only thing that beats it is the tactile sensation of holding a Pelikan Souverain in your hands
No Pilot Vanishing Point on here? For shame. I added one.
Just reminding everyone that there is a Nakaya in this poll - not that it could ever happen in massdrop
the 823 is the superior pen here for ink capacity. It is also actually a vacuum filler, not a plunger filler. The Visconti is the nicest looking and writing, if you can get the nib to work for you. The MB is if you like apple products and poop money.
Thanks, lancOri. I’m with you. Please, folks, try and use a bit of imagination. The MB 149 is a fine pen, but it’s also a bit overrated, and way, way overpriced. There are some very good reasons why so many pen authorities regard the Pelikan M800 as the world’s best pen, and when you finally acquire one, you’ll understand why. My second choice, and I had to struggle a bit, was the Parker Duofold—definitely worth pandering your spouse for this one. And third was the Custom 823, and every nice fountain pen user who has always been good to their pens will be rewarded with one of these in heaven.
You are so right... I should be able to reclaim my votes. My favorite brands are Pelikan, Pilot and TWSBI. Of these three I have sevral pens of each brand making a total of 15 among the three, That should be proof of my preference and I don't care for the higher end of the Pelikans and Pilots when a 400NN works so smooth and well, even flexes and the Pilot Metropolitan with a Medium Plumix nib surpasses many upscale over $100 pens of US and foreign manufacturing.
I have 823 medium and M800 Fine. they are both phenomenal! 823 medium is surprisingly suitable for writing in alphabets, considering it's offered by a Japanese big 3.
Why am I not surprised that Mont Blanc is the most wanted.
Since I saw that Montegrappa is already offer on the website, I think I will create a poll for the extra 1930 , for those who want to be the needle in the hay stack and not the hay stack.
half of the choices will NEVER be offered here. Just fork out the money and look for them from foreign online vendors LOL
I own an S.T. Dupont Atelier, and it is a dream! The barrel is machined from a single piece of brass, and just the act of uncapping and, especially, capping the pen is a joy. The nib is the perfect blend of soft and firm, and writing is, of course, also a joy. But mostly I love the lacquer finish, and the reason I love the lacquer finish is because of the story of how S.T. Dupont came to offer lacquered products:
S.T. Dupont is a French company that has been in the business of making fine jewelry since the mid-1800's. Sometime in the 1920's (or1930's?), they ran a help-wanted ad seeking a "plater", i.e. someone who does metal plating. The newspaper, however, mis-printed their ad. The French word for "plater" is "placquer", but the newspaper omitted the "p", so they instead ran the ad for a "lacquer", i.e. someone who does lacquering. The fellow who applied for the mis-printed, and therefore non-existent, job had been interred for several years in a Chinese POW camp during the Sino-Russian war. While a prisoner of war, he learned the art of Chinese lacquering. S.T. Dupont had never done lacquering and had no open position for a lacquerer, but they were so impressed with the fellow that they hired him anyway. He launched S.T. Dupont's entire lacquering enterprise.
I LOVE supporting a company that recognizes extraordinary artisanship, and makes a place for it. The fact that everything about this pen screams quality, artisanship and extraordinary attention to detail is (almost) a bonus.
The St Dupont it is then ;) thank you.