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I'll become a priest if you can actually get Microtech off their ass to produce more SOCOM or mini's. The only models I ever seen on sale new are Marfione customs and- no. Just no.
Stop with the Sebenza already.
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Lol just checkin' 😜
Ha, I did not notice that either.
I recently purchased a Chris Reeve Small Sebenza and it's without question, amazing! The quality of craftsmanship is truly remarkable!
I love the size (less than 3" blade). I have also taken to wearing a horizontal sheath on my belt, so the lanyard for quick extraction is required. I just remove the belt clips.
Can't believe there's no mention of Rough Rider!
I think knifeart is exclusive with CRK. If not, I'll get a carbon fiber sebenza if it pops up here (normal blade, not insingo though).
The KnifeArt small 21 Insingo is amazing. Also, I didn't see anyone else mention the Spyderco Slyz Bowie is discontinued..
If there's a Kizer option in this poll, we already have a winner. Massdrop has a deal going with Kizer, so they can select them and say that they fulfilled the results of this poll and got one that people asked for. You can vote for that CRK all you want, but this competition was over before it started.
Edit: wait, f*** me! This is the G10 handle version ! Nooope! Aluminium or nothing ! Also, stop with the Sebenza already !
Hmmm dat Socom Delta. So sexy. And you know, the sub frame lock is the next super hot thing guys ;)
I'm not a Microtech Fanboy, I'm quite defiant of them actually, because their customer service has a very bad rep and Marfione is a design theft and a major asshole. But hey, they do have some great effin babies in their line up, and this Soc-delt is a pin-up !
Instead of adding it to the list here is a vote for rockstead knives.
Rockstead knives even though are expensive are said to be some of the best folders period. Dont think you could get higher quality then these.
Please add carbon fiber handle as option/upgrade for whichever design is chosen!!!!
Don't come here and suggest to vote for CRK please......
Anyone interested in the Recon 1 from Cold Steel? I know i love mine, wanted to see if you all agreed.
Anyone else interested in the Spyderco Slysz Bowie? Don't want to add more clutter to the poll if you guys are only lukewarm about it.
I added some other options (ckf Tegral/Sablya, Rike 1507, Reate/Steelcraft Kwaiken)
Personally, I think the Fox/Emerson Karambit do not belong in this poll. It might be wise to add a budget to the poll (like 250- 700 for example).
It seems unlikely to happen but if we got a good discount on a sebenza I would unreasonably excited.
Let's keep it real: Chris Reeve knives never go on sale. No matter how many people vote for it there won't be a bulk sale price. The Microtech Socoms are discontinued, Microtech knows the demand is there but won't re-release it. That's what they do: make a model for a little while, discontinue it and move on to the next. It's their business model, it's how they keep value in their products, they won't break tradition. Please, please PLEASE vote for drops that are feasible. I like this category and would love to see more high-end folder drops, but it can't happen if everyone votes for impossible things. I added microtech's D.O.C flipper in there for all of you who, like me, are microtech fans.
If there is any shred of a glimmer of a hope that a sebe will go on sale I'd like to take it... But I see what you mean
The Chris Reeve knives are great, but please lets pick the large model for those of us with full size hands. Lol Seriously, the smalls are like little letter openers. Very nice letter openers but very small.
Ive got huge hands, but my go to knife is still dinky SOG Flash 1... A 2-3 inch knife is suita for most tasks... If not I carry a cold steal or whatever, but the best knife is the one you have on you...
Knife size prefence is completely subjective, that is why I indicated that I was just having fun with my comments. I own a small and large version of the Chris Reeve sebenza and I (personally imho) much prefer the larger size. My wife uses the smaller one most of the time. I might prefer it if I had to wear dress pants for work.
Anybody know if the spyderco military black blade C36GBK, or the spyderco manix 2 black blade C101GBBK2 are any good?
I own the 761 and a large Sebenza 21. I EDC the 761, not having to touch it up once a month is worth infinitely more than having a more 'rugged' knife (the 761 is just as rugged as the Sebby despite claims otherwise.) The only annoying thing is lock stick, but both knives can have it happen and tuf glide or graphite fixes it right up.
Any of you Small Sebenza voters interested in the Small Sebenza with the carbon fiber scale and the Insingo blade instead? I think it's a better shape for EDC and it's classier looking too.
I like either blade, but I think it's about perfect as originally designed. He could add 1 by 20 fine checkering for better wet grip. Other than that it's perfect.
This is probably not possible, but I would like to see a small sebenza 21 with an insingo blade  with either the wood inlays or some carbon fiber inlays.