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So... Can I has one yet? Or do I still have to wait an additional 2 years? 😲
I'm going around the world in 2 month. Still hoping this will be picked up by Massdrop, I'd love to get my hands on a GR2 36L Black. Clamshel design and bombproof laptop compartment.
Massdrop dropped the ball HARD here.
The poll has been here for over TWO YEARS .
Just get us ANY of the items.
hope they will ship outside the US
I own a TAD lightspeed. Rock solid and a great platform for expansion/customization to different environments. I have a couple of inside molle panels with molle backed pouches packed for various scenarios (Office work, out and about EDC, Hiking, BoB, Photography, electrical engineering and maker work,etc.) Highly recommend.
OMG how can you have this backpack vote and NOT include CamelBak. The worlds best special forces use them.
Mystery Ranch
Massdrop GR1 please
Please GR1!! Massdrop please please! (=
Still hoping this will be picked up by Massdrop, I'd love to get my hands on a GR1 or GR2.
main issue here - no updates from Massdrop team on the progress. This poll was up for so long, without any news, that I already bought a backpack elsewhere
GR1 would be awesome
Looking forward to a GR1 drop. Hope it happens sooner rather than later.
Super excited to see the GR1 on a drop. I also wouldn't be surprised to see some interesting collaborations between GR and MD too.
so now we wait for somebody from Massdrop to pick this up
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That's the issue with Massdrop - it seems we have no control over and can not influence when the team will pick it up.
There is also the fact that the manufacturer has to be open to work with Massdrop.... Not all of them do!
please share/broadcast this poll
While there's no such thing as an indestructible backpack, I have the all hazards prime and it's certainly a nice pack. Especially when coupled with two of the ammo mules (each holds 10 - 30rnd AR magazines). The pack carries the load alright, but lacks a real hip belt so the load will shift when it's packed out and you're moving at any pace faster than a walk.