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wow that Benchmade running away with the vote. Defiantly not my first choice, but if we can get the price way down I might get one. Personally I really want that WE 702. It would be a GREAT blank canvass for some later anodizing and we might be able to get a better deal if we ask for Torx hardware. They have been doing their own star shaped hardware in house but are rumored to be going to Torx in 2018. maybe we could get a run with generic screws instead of the ones WE painstakingly makes them selves.
Not to interest in Lion Steel, when i hear 'made in Italy' all i can think of is overpriced mediocre stuff. I don't have anything concrete to back this up but its sort of my impression.
I don't think i will ever buy another Rike after that piece of crap they sent me for the 1507 drop.
the Reate future is simply not my style, but no real complaints there.
Spyderco Nirvana is an interesting option considering Spyderco has been willing to work with Massdrop in the past, I'm just not sure they would with this 'designer' knife. this would probably make for a successful drop, just not for me.
Spyderco Paysan seems better than the Nirvana in every way, but maybe that's just me. Lion Steel has won the manufacturing quality award two years running now. They're one of the few to take the award from CRK. That said, I have a TiSpine I'm not overly fond of. The Lion Steel knives I've handled have all had somewhat thick grinds, though not nearly as bad as ZT.