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I own The Element. It is WONDERFUL. I use it on everything from my Senns to my Beyerdynamics to my HiFiMan 560s. I listen to much Classical, Jazz, Livve, Acoustic, Rock. It resolves everything very handily with a nice musicality and perfect neutrality that allows the music itself to shine. Fast and with excellent clarity. I have had no problem powering anything I throw at it and with the production that I am looking for.
It's also very elegant to look at and its footprint is right for most rig spaces.
I also own the O2...this one is better,(as it should be at the price point and the build quality), but certainly far less portable. I see this as a prime rig dedicated desktop dac/amp, where the O2 is better used in smaller spaces or for your carry-to-other-places rig. That being said, the O2 is nice as well. I have posted up a review of the O2 on its drop pages up in here.
Has anyone actually listened to these? What phones were you using? What music in what resolution? Curious how it compares to the Objective DAC/Amp