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highly support
is there any drop for JVC FX1100 ???
Now have acquired a set of JVC Victor HP-DX1000. They are sensational. Highly recommended. Rank among the few very best wood-cup headphones. Some also have done a very simple modification which actually steps them up very high on the ranking list of woodies, which is a limited list of the few best.
Do you know what the mod is and interesting looking can.
There is a thread on Head-Fi "JVC HP-DX1000 Owners Unite !" which describes internal cup mod. You would have to use search box to find the page, or read thru whole 200+ page thread to find it; mod is simple, with great results. Also described there is the inherent weak small plastic headband cover part that breaks for almost all owners; a much stronger plastic should have been used for that part. Photos abound on the thread of the cracked part, which drops the cup(s) off the yoke. We're all waiting for someone to simply copy the part with a 3D printer themselves or at a printing service shop, using hi-strength plastic or material to remedy this. Anyone doing the 3D printed part could sell at least a few hundred to a thousand of these parts for a tidy profit. Most owners are using strips of duct tape around the part, whether cracked or not, to remedy or prevent the problem, with some luck. Some tried gluing it, but it is a tricky glue job. Hope this helps you somewhat. Some folks criticize the diffuser method in cup which helps characterise their sound. But, it is not a negative, and the signature is really something to hear, exceptional performers. Many owners who sold theirs desperately re-bought them over again...and the bass is clean, deep, detailed, tight, layered & dynamic with low extension & slam. HE-6 four screw model from HiFiMan betters these bass attributes, & has tighter bass too, but then its closed vs open headphones, dynamic vs planar too. HP-DX1000 or 2000 is a very well balanced sound overall & captivating listening experience.
And also, if so, to give us some detailed differences of the sound between the 2 models too.
Super if have option to select either DX1000 or DX700 model for a drop here on MassDrop.