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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack) available.

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J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

Is this a three way vote on the same ink? I'm confused. And does it actually come out on paper with the different colour shifts? It's stunning. Love the story of J.Herbin, how romantic!
Hey @AliCatZen -- Yep, what you see here is three photos of the same ink color. We wanted to members to be able to see the first photos of this, and to share first impressions about the color. Also, perhaps most importantly, it gives members a way to be notified when Emerald of Chivor first becomes available on Massdrop. Hope that clears things up, thanks for asking.
Thanks Jonas. The colour is astonishing. I can't wait to get some! :)
Love the colour, but as much as I love to order from massdrop >_> I will buy this at a local store, due to the part being I live in Canada...
Guys you have to look at Ed Jelley's review of this ink! It seems that J. Herbin provided him with a bottle to make a video on it (clever marketing strategy J. Herbin folks, I give you that!), the one you can find on the product page, by the way. It looks gorgeous on both large dip nibs and normal fountain pens! He used a Lamy 2000 with a Broad nib, and both the red sheen and the gold flecks are visible! This would be great, considering that the performance of 1670 series inks on smaller nibs has been one of the reasons that kept me away from them, the other being the presence of the gold flecks themselves. Now, for an ink looking this good even on a simple Lamy broad, I could look over the presence of flecks (I clean my pens too much already, so it wouldn't really be an issue) and go for it. A drop for this ink would likely be a huge hit! A pre-sale would hit the roof, come back, than hit it again, but I can't see J. Herbin agreeing to something like it anyway. Still, if you manage to get a drop up and running by the end of August, count me in already! The other day I was on my way to my local pen shop to try a bottle of Bleu Ocean, as I was really interested in its behavior. But then I read the e-mail about this new ink, so I ended up leaving that one on the shelf (it never appealed me too much anyway, for me Diamine Blue Velvet is still as good as it gets) and buying an Edelstein Amethyst. Yep, I do buy a lot of inks. Still, I'll be eagerly waiting for this drop!
Since everyone giving advice on what nibs/pens to use is saying wide and/or wet, I bet this would work rather well in the Pilot Parallel pens too. It would be pretty cool if it played nice with the Pilot "blending ink" too
To Those who already own this; is there a chance the ink is even a little water resistant?
Would this be able to ship worldwide (Australia)?
They should be able to. I lived in Sydney and I participated in the three colour J. Herbin 1670 ink drop and I received the inks in 2 weeks which is pretty quick considering it's going from France to America to Australia.
I absolutely cannot wait for this ink. Normally I'd order a sample from Goulet before trying an ink this expensive, but I'm planning to buy a bottle (at least) as soon as it is available!
I can't wait for this drop, love the color of this ink.
Started a J. Herbin Dip pen poll to go along with their stunning new ink! Please vote!
This will definitely be my first J. Herbin sheen ink. Can't wait!
I'm so looking forward to this--I love that combination of the gold flecks and a more traditional sheen. And I also would appreciate being able to but a single bottle.
Actually though, I don't know how I feel about getting this one through Massdrop. If I can get it significantly quicker through a regular retailer, I'll probably do that, especially if Massdrop is going to make me buy more than one bottle of ink.
I also have the others and would prefer being able to choose single bottles. I too find very little gold showing up most of the time. Tips would be appreciated.
I REQUIRE THIS. It's clearly the most beautiful of the four 1670s. I have the Rouge Hématite and the original, pre-shimmer Bleu Océan (which is actually the perfect blue-violet), and I guess I'll just get the other two soon. And maybe while I'm at it even the newer blue with the shimmer. Like I need more ink.
I have the blue and grey versions of the ink in use and an extra red glass just as collectible. I don't use green in a daily use but the color fades out is just great. Even just for time to time usage I think it is a must have.
i doubt I'd have use for all four colours, but I love this one. so maybe a choice of all four, and we can buy as many or few as we'd like :)
I've noticed a number of people suggesting a drop of all four colours., but since I already have one of the colours, I would prefer to be able to choose, "up to four colours". That way I wouldn't have to pay for a repeat bottle. Thanks.
I do find that the gold rarely shows in the writing for me. No matter how hard I shake the bottle before I fill my pen. I was astonished to see just how much gold was showing in your writing samples. I do hope I will be able to,get the same effect. Does anyone have any tips on getting the gold to show? I have the stormy grey at the moment. Thanks Jess
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I've only try the red and grey inks, but what worked best for me was a wet and/or large fountain pen (a stub, or broad, or fude or flexible nib if you have those) on fountain pen friendly paper. I tested them with my Hero 9018 with a fude nib, and in a Noodler's Ahab with flexible nib. I got almost no gold showing when I tested those inks on regular (copy) papers, or very little at best, but as soon as I tried them on Rhodia, the gold flecks were amazing. I'm guessing the less ink is actually absorb into the page (like it is on cheap paper), the more stays on top of it (like on Rhodia and other nice paper), resulting in more shimmery particles to reflect light.
You need a broad nib with a very wet feed to get the gold to show up ( and a rather ink resistant paper), it works perfect in a flex pen
This is my favorite kind of blue-green: blue enough so you can use it regularly, and green enough to keep it interesting!
Nice, can't wait for this drop!
I will own two bottles of this. Hopefully through MD, however, regardless, I will own two bottles of this.
I love all the 1670 inks and I also love all different shades of green! Clearly this ink if made for me! Can't wait!!!!
I second the sentiments of user: idifahs... Looks like I'd better start devising some "Yes, honey... I bought more J. Herbin ink" excuses, to give to my new spouse!
This new color is looks fantastic!
I like the idea of a drop for all four of the 1670 inks. That's got my vote! Any concerns about the gold flecks clogging up the feed on a fountain pen?
Doesn't happen. Or at least has never happened to me. I used to worry about it, too, but it's just not an issue.
Beautiful, whatever it's called! Would love some of this!
I'd love another drop with the option to select additional colors; this is great of course, but I'm also running low on RH from the last drop :D
I guess im looking for a good fountain pen now... Thanks massdrop.
Fascinating how the ink reacts to the paper. I love it!
Yes please! As others have said, would be lovely to have a trio of colors....
i've got to have it!!