Jun 25, 2015
Guys you have to look at Ed Jelley's review of this ink! It seems that J. Herbin provided him with a bottle to make a video on it (clever marketing strategy J. Herbin folks, I give you that!), the one you can find on the product page, by the way. It looks gorgeous on both large dip nibs and normal fountain pens! He used a Lamy 2000 with a Broad nib, and both the red sheen and the gold flecks are visible! This would be great, considering that the performance of 1670 series inks on smaller nibs has been one of the reasons that kept me away from them, the other being the presence of the gold flecks themselves. Now, for an ink looking this good even on a simple Lamy broad, I could look over the presence of flecks (I clean my pens too much already, so it wouldn't really be an issue) and go for it. A drop for this ink would likely be a huge hit! A pre-sale would hit the roof, come back, than hit it again, but I can't see J. Herbin agreeing to something like it anyway. Still, if you manage to get a drop up and running by the end of August, count me in already! The other day I was on my way to my local pen shop to try a bottle of Bleu Ocean, as I was really interested in its behavior. But then I read the e-mail about this new ink, so I ended up leaving that one on the shelf (it never appealed me too much anyway, for me Diamine Blue Velvet is still as good as it gets) and buying an Edelstein Amethyst. Yep, I do buy a lot of inks. Still, I'll be eagerly waiting for this drop!
Jun 25, 2015
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