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Although Benchmade is well made, the company also supports anti-gun organizations and democrats seeking to remove your 2A rights. None of this would have been made apparent if it were not for their local PD posting a video of Benchmade destroying some firearms at their request. Never again.
Thanks for mentioning this, will never buy their products now. Should've made those Schrader donations privately, not through their company.
Where the m390 black micarta grip at? that’s the shizz. I don’t even like grips.
These knives are exclusive
Has anyone ever seen a Benchmade on massdrop? I would love to see the Contego on here. Already have a 940-1 but would be tempted by the 940-1501 just because of the blue in the scales....
I believe their CEO has said that he had no interest in working with massdrop, I was wondering the same thing and found an answer on here. A real bummer, I know...
Darn shame, they could move some knives. Must think they are above such things. I have heard they are getting lazy.