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I think folks may be forgetting or aren't aware of the lovely metal pen tube these Lamys come with, which is definitely a value-add above the Al-Star (assuming a Massdrop wouldn't do something daft like not have the cases). Honestly, I wish Lamy made the cases as something you could purchase as a separate accessory.
is this the extra fine nib the one that is on amazon?
OK ... Theroc ... The 2 "extra" choices made me laugh :) I have a number of pens... well into the "hoarder" range..... but I do not have a Lamy. I don't know if you get the iPen box each month... In the Spring they had the Dark Lilac Safari. I resisted the urge to keep it for myself, because I knew my friend would love it... and she did. It is definitely a smooth writer. I am not opposed to one just based on that. Also, as far as the grip, it seems to be a love it or hate it thing. I rather like the grip ( and similar grips ) for my hands when they are cranky and lazy with arthritis. I might have to consider this drop - Thanks for keeping us laughing !
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Ok... Mister Roc ;) ... because I trust your opinion... I had to take my friend's Lilac Lamy for a ride this afternoon. I wanted to check it out a little bit more than when it first arrived. I tried it with a few different papers, crummy paper, bagasse, inkjet and Tomoe... I can't say Extra Fine is "scratchy" and it wasn't unpleasant. Needless to say, it is better on better papers. It does give more feedback than the Fine, which is probably a combination of the size and steel nib. It may also be a bit smoother after a few months of use. With that, yes, I'd probably order an Extra Fine :) Now, if we could get a drop for a bottle of the Dark Lilac ik - It is really a very nice color.
p.s. glad you inspired me to take another look at it :)