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$130 for a leather ashtray? With two more leather ashtrays right next to it for thirty bucks? Somethings wrong with this picture! First of all, I know it's no an ashtray but that certainly what I'd end up using it for, I don't get why anyone would look at this and think, ooh, I want that, then look at the price and think "that's reasonable" lol. I could make it myself very easily just using some old high quality leather that I no longer wear. That's just bonkers man and I'm the guy that impulse buys stuff for buckets of money even when I don't have it, all on things I have absolutely no need for and even I wouldn't consider that, sorry, hate to burst your bubble, trying not to sound mean about it cause I know it's your product but if I was looking to waste some money, I'd probably buy it for like $40-$50 and even that's pushing it. My giant hand blown glass dish that's a Valet Tray which I use as an ashtray and got from a high end luxury antique boutique store only cost me like $30-$35, ten years later it's still beautiful and can serve multiple purposes. Gonna have to rethink this one if you ever want the demand to cover your supply. In my opinion anyway, I could be wrong, it happens on occasion but I don't think I am.
Please note that for the Tanner Goods and Mitchell Leather trays that there are several color options that aren't shown as I didn't want to clutter the poll. Additionally for the Mitchell Leather tray there are three other leather options that aren't shown. Again the idea was to show the design differences between makers without cluttering up the options. I also feel like I'm forgetting one or two makers who produce nice valet trays so additional suggestions are very welcome.