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Rolexes are never discounted unless grey market or used..better chance of the Omega being discounted
TOTALLY TRUE USLESS to make polls with rolex. The site should delete them.
Would 100% Buy the speedmaster moon watch
Rolex Submariner for the values that it would hold in a long term, Omega Speedmaster the second best at that and NOMOS for it's potential in the future :)
Wishful thinking about getting an Explorer 1 discounted. Highly doubtful Massdrop can source them given that Rolex sporty watches are very tight.
Absolutely, positively IN, for the Speedmaster--if Massdrop can swing it for under $300 , no doubt about it!
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Are you sure that you aren't missing the sarcasm of my original comment?
I would much rather go with the traditional Speedmaster if I were to get one.
OP... a field watch, dress watch and chronograph. kind of apples/oranges.
What is the goal of your poll? best brand? or are you really trying to compare these three specific watches?