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Any update on drop date?
A blank set would be nice
Mt3 with R5 bottom row. Serika R4 makes my thumb hurt.
Please please please ISO enter... Please please please MT3
Has this already run? Is this GB still being planned or is it over?
make it mt3 please, i really hope those profile become more and more accessible and have a option on colorways
Where's the ISO at!?
I prefer white personally but I'd really need a 1.5U ESC and DEL key to cover my Vortex Race 3. Any chance?
Vintage everything.
I love me some beige sets, and i love the retro apple fonts. wouldn't catch me missing out on that vintage set
Colemak, please! I REALLY want some MT3 sets to use on my boards, but I'm using Colemak and with I could use it on my endgame boards.
I really want this keyset. Been following the geekhack post as well. But I need ISO and Nordic/Swedish layout. Im in the process of building a 60% AEK2, and this would be perfect for my build!
Im bummed! I have the /dev/tty MT3 set and have been INSANELY addicted to it and have VOWED that I will only type on those from now on!
And I find out the next set is a Mac set? Super bummer... as a strict PC guy I just cant bring myself to rock a keyset from (especially at the time of that Mac's existence) I was FIRMLY anti-Apple! How about a little more neutral keyset soon in MT3?
PS- I cant overstate how much I love my /dev/tty's!!
That is a very nice dev/tty! Don’t feel bad, worlds can collide. I use mine very happily and have remapped super to command (and just recently made ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ do what it says haha)
Let’s do this. All in.
is this still going to happen? i woud rather this over the xda oblique
My vote is for MIX over MT3. I have /dev/tty in MT3, and it doesn’t seem like it would have the right feel for this set.
also why not ^ for ctrl and the regular upward pointing arrow that’s standard iconography for Mac shift? Is it too late to normalize the iconography with the menubar fonts from the OS?
i love the “vintage“ colorway. Could we see some renders combining it and the whiter caps and some on their own?
Yea, shift icon is misleading and I'll fix it very soon. For renders, I don't know if I could get some in the next days, but I'll mockup it :)
Hi, you'll find more info for the keyset on Geekhack : thanks :)