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ohh please release this!
would be great to see these released.
Is Voodoo a designer? I love these and hope they come out soon cause I think I might buy Biip’s 2048 apple keycaps if I can’t get these.Also when they come out will they be on Drop’s site or something else?And please include a base set with those colorful arrow keys and all of that and please don’t make it super expensive! :)
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awesome!!!! i prefer non mt3 anyway! Thank you so much for getting back to me sir! Impressive work!
Sad to hear they won’t be mt3
would these work with an Anne Pro 2? beautiful looking set
the switches are mx stem so yes
Hey voodoo, is there a way I can sign up to be notified if this pushes through to a product run? Wouldn't want to miss out!
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Just signed up on Discord. Thank you!
When is the estimate for when they are available?
Set would be perfect on the NK65 entry edition. Novel keys saying that the transparent (gameboy) purple is a permanent offering. Would these fit?
Yes, these will fit 👍
this absolutely needs to happen!
These are sick id be in for alpha and tkl. Feel like it'd scream Nintendo on a clear purple polycarb.
Nk65 entry?
Any chance of adding a second 2U spacebar to the ortho kit?
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How about a 4u bar in the Spacebars or Mini bars kit too?
Yes also
Hoping this drops so soon!
I hate myself for asking but whats the chance of getting a 6.5u spacebar into that pack for Corsair compatibility?
They don't make that size, unfortunately! :(
No worries, just wanted the option to deck out all my keyboards. Spacebar is not a big deal... not gonna stop me from buying MOST of these kits in multiples. Sooooo excited!
Gamer kit please
Any chance we'll ever see Mac Media keys? Probably a pretty niche request
I'm not sure what you're referring to... Mac modifiers?
Like it; interested in alphas, minibars, 40s, gamers, iso, & numpad kits
Nordic please! I need Æ/Ø/Å.
I will try!
give me!
Any chance of adding the Alphas + Tenkeyless as one kit?
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Sorry, I didn't see your response. Yes, still active!
Thanks, and yes, I intend to keep the kits this way. Cheers
ergo kit needs extra 2 r5 1.5u keys. (adds support for sol/boardwalk/etc)
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Well the 4 1.5u r5s are for the inner columns. And thats actually fine for my personal layout but some people use the vertical 1.5u keys and extra 1.5u keys on the bottom row instead of blockers.
Okay, I found a picture of what you're saying: Since most Ergo kits don't offer those keys and they're in the Specialty kit, I will leave it as is for now. If someone specifically asks for them, then I will consider adding them. Thanks for the info.
idk how this voting system works... should I vote all the ones I want? why are the first two both snes mt3? And I need more than 3 choices.. confusing
Yeah, sorry... The first photo is just a banner and the second one was added by mistake. The remaining votes should go for the kits you really want to see. I don't know why there's a 3 vote limit, but it's always been this way. Cheers
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