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hopefully in the next rev he will put in three modes with a better lumen out put then the AAA i would be down for starting a collection of these.
Great, I'm looking forward to it.
I own a few Maratacs, the stainless steel AA and the natural AA. I bought my step dad a AAA stainless steel model and he loved it. I Think they are great EDC lights, but I dont want a 2 mode version. Countycomm is making a marketing blunder trying to push the 2 mode version when the 3 mode version is what made the Maratac line so popular.
ill take any addition they put out Maratac is a great EDC carry
Edition? Or addition?
looking forward to it.
I think I read that a bronze edition would be next.
I've corresponded with Mike at County Comm, and he says they will be coming soon.
The Maratac Copper AA Rev 2 Flashlight is labeled as discontinued on their web site so I'm not sure it will be available. :-(