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Not sure who will see this but today (11/25/17) CountyComm has the copper AAA version w the Nichia LED for 50% off, about $32 plus shipping... assuming they still have stock. My first version died from a crappy battery I used so I bought another. Best AAA light I've owned, and as a female it's the perfect size to slip into a purse pocket. Love the patina Maratac coppers have after use :)
Having purchased both, I prefer the AAA version. Much nicer, a LOT less bulky. A true EDC light
I hope we see a ReyLight version of the Copper AA, with a Nichia! I dont care if the keyring is different than the Maratac
So many copper... time for brass! Please!!!!!
I would like an AA Copper Maratac. How do I get notification of a drop? Happy New Year!
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BUT they're like $65 ! 8>(
that is why voting is important, now that the AA Copper is actually in stock, the more people vote, the more likely WWEFANS will get us a Massdrop and save us about 20 bucks..
btw, I have a ReyLight Copper tool for sale, or trade for a Maratac AA :-)