How Do Polls Work?

Vote for your favorite products in an existing poll or create a new one. We’ll make the most popular products available on the site in limited-time events called “product runs.”

Congratulations, winners! I'm not one of them either, unfortunately. Better luck next time. ;)
damnit i'm not one :(
Me neither :/
Hey group, thanks for participating in the giveaway!
We closed the poll yesterday at 6pm and we selected the winners using
We collected over 5,000 votes, which means we unlocked all 8 watches featured in the poll! The 8 winners will be contacted via email today (December 16.)
Congrats to all of the winners!
Who won????
I'd like to know who the winners were as well.
"Winners will be selected on Tuesday, December 15 at 6PM PST. If all prizes are unlocked, there will be a total of 9 winners. Good luck!"
So who are the lucky ones? :)
so what happens now? ;)
Since we have to ask, I'm guessing now is when we realize we didn't win.
Tissot Le Locle Petite Seconde is by far the best
The Nighthawk is very elegant...
The Seiko Cocktail is by far my favorite! So elegant...
Definitely the Hamilton. Made in America?
really good watches in the top!
Cool watches.xx
Where are the rules?
See my post on the first page of this discussion to read the rules. Please note that any additional watches added to this poll will be removed.
I really like the IWC Portugieser Chronograph... wondering what other people think about it and why it doesn't have as many votes?
(My opinion is based purely on aesthetic, I'm a complete watch noob.)
It's not one of the 8 that @colinchap added. Only the first eight options are available for the giveaway
lol at the people suggesting Patek Philippe.
One ca n dream right?
I voted and shared on facebook and twitter but when I saw the quantity of votes possible up to 5 it showed 0. How do I check how many entries I have?
If you shared on FB/Twitter, you will receive 4 additional entries in the giveaway. This is tracked through our internal system and the shares are tied to your username. Your vote in this poll should be for the watch that you like the most and it counts for 1 entry.
Is it 4 entries per social media site? ie 4 for FB and 4 for twitter?
Wow wow & wow. Thank you!
I'm excited thanks!!
Outstanding, many thanks!
Yay Tissot
Are we alowed to have a second and third vote?
Love the Seiko Shogun Titanium!
looking forward to the 'time' :-)
thanks for the opportunity!
Sweet, pretty awesome massdrop. keep it up!
That’s a nice poll - thanks for the opportunity!
Very good choices overall!
I absolutely love my Seiko Alpinist, which my brother took with him from Japan. However, for this poll my (first) vote goes out to the Cocktail Time! Beautiful watches.
Is this competition open internationally.