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I need these to relaunch now please. Okay thanks!
please relaunch
Lew from unbox therapy just posted an add today that's sponsored by mass drop for the HD6XX so they should be re-dropping it soon.
Will we see another wave for Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX?
I don't know if you guys were willing to spend $300 more... but The Apogee Groove is ~$300 on Amazon and their official Apogee website, so technically you can buy the headphones for $200 xD, and the cable is about ~1m with a 3.5mm jack. Trying not to sound like an advertisement, but its what I found for some deals if anyone was interested and doesn't mind including a DAC/AMP with the HD 650. Though I can see for a lot of people, being FORCED to pay another $300 for a dac/amp you may not even want defeats the purpose of the price for the headphones xD.
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Yeah, it was on sale at the time of my post. :( was on sale for quite awhile though.
It's $500 as of Sept. 23
Maybe if they limit the drop to 50.000 units this time, then maybe I can gather one this time :)
linustechtips review of the HD6XX " sennheiser "... i find it quite interesting!
Yesssssss Pleaseeeee!
NO SHET! absolutely
I just hope we have more than 15 seconds to get them this time...