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i LOVE jean pau gaultier... Take note gentlemen.
212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera
Emporio by Armani
I was given the Bleu de Chanel this Christmas and can say this stuff is divinely smooth. Would definitely recommend.
Abercrombie and Fitch: Fierce
jean paul gaultier , Auqua di Gio, bvlgari  All favourites of mine
which bulgaria??? I'm intrigued.
Why do I feel a lot of the people voting don’t know you could get most of the fragrances for dirty cheap :( let’s grow the fragrance community!!!
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You're right. I'll wear that label with pride. But I own a bottle of Green Irish Tweed and my understanding is there is a lot of fake Creed sold on the Internet. Those sites posted here are obviously big sellers and I shouldn't have suggested those particular sites sell fake product. My apologies.
Understandable. But I hope your next purchase is from them because honestly saving a bit is always better.
Doesn’t look like Massdrop wants to persue this. If you want a good alternative to Aventus, go buy Montblanc Legend Intense. It came out before Aventus, so you could say Creed is a copy of it.
There are better options from Parfums vintage and Armaf if you're looking for an aventus copy.
I happened to have purchased CDNIM since I posted that comment. You sir, are absolutely right! 🙌🏿
Do voters get notified when drop occurs?
When is the Aventus drop happening? How long has it been since people started voting?
If y’all want aventus, get at me. I can get it way cheaper than they are gonna drop it on this platform.
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Hey I'm interested in this. Can you hook me up?
I want in on this. Hook me up :)
The Dior Sauvage commercials crack me up. Jonny Depp looking all Old Rocker, drives out to the desert to bury some weird flea market jewelry.... WTAF ?? How does this make me a savage ??
Did you see the vandalism on the Sauvage ad? They spray painted another "s" over the "v". Sausage.
Classic acqua di gio. *sigh*
I can smell it in my head :)
Invictus is my go to when I want to feel great.
We need Jazz club by maison Margiela
Tom Ford fucking fabulous is amazing stuff!!!
Any men’s cologne by Louis Vuitton
I likd scotch & soda's Barfly
I like Hermès Equipage — it is from the early ‘70s but it has gotten more complements than anything else I have used — Equipage is usually about $138 at Bloomingdales so it is in between Bond No. 9 and the more commonplace scents that are well below $100.
Would be awesome to get Santal 33 here
What does that smell like?
All of these are super basic.
Can we get some actual interesting fragrances? Imaginary Authors, Bond No. 9 New York...?
I entered Bond No. 9’s Sutton Place, possibly the best of the Bond fragrances to my thinking.
So why is Aventus so loved but not Green Irish Tweed?
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So d.g blue smells like it?
Green Irish Tweed is great. Wife loves it.
I'm a little disappointed by how common a lot of these are. Several can be had for $60. This could be a chance to get niche, or high class designer fragrances. As for Creed scents, there's so many knockoffs that I can't be bothered to seek out the originals in anything more than a sample.
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When will the drop happen?
No thanks. I bathe.
1 million is literally the worst fragrance in the world, how is it even on this list? lmao
I'm quite fond of the original Varvatos fragrance, but it's too easy to get onsale to make this list because there's so much backstock. Amazon recently had it for $40 for the 2.5 EDT and $50(!) for the 4.0. I can't find a price history on camelcamelcamel, but the discount required an American Express card.
Creed scents like GIT and Original Vetiver can be relatively easy to find because retailers very occasionally get overstock. I wouldn't mind new bottles at a discount, but other things are harder to find.
What I've never seen at a discount is Creed Tabarome (Private Collection) -- not to be confused with Creed Tabarome Millesime. I couldn't even find that one when the Creed store in NYC became Bond No. 9 NY and the owner had to get rid of her old stock (which her new company's product line emulated, BTW). I picked up bottles of nearly every Creed cologne except Tabarome when the Creed store closed.
When you're in situations like that (at a final sale on Creeds), it can help to seem really indecisive when choosing what to buy -- at least until your salesperson caves and offers to throw in perk after perk. You'll walk out with free samples, shampoos, etc. My salesperson threw in the entire box of Bond samples, which Bond now sells as the "Bon-Bon Box" for $360, as well as Creed shampoos and related items I've never seen anywhere else.
I would love to see a Massdrop sale that included Creed Tabarome, and other scents by houses like Serge Lutens.
I love Creed Aventus, can wear it anywhere anytime, also Amouage Reflection Man and YSL La Nuit are my other favorites.
Aventus is unique, smells like pineapple, love it.
Aventus has more clones than I can count--many of which are a fraction of the cost.
Like ZARA Vibrant leather, it's identical, but not last.