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Feb 14, 2016
I own a pair of 558s, not disappointed. It's not a bass head can but the sound stage is... Not crazy. If I cup my hands around them the soundstage is reduced to inside of the cups but If I don't it's around the outside, as if I have a near field (very near... Like two or three inches from my head) 2.1 setup. The bass is there. These headphones I feel are best suited for anything that isn't hip hop, edm but some songs work. The pads are lint magnets but are VERY comfortable. I like having a nice quarter inch plug. Do give them time to burn in. The bass is there, I promise. Not quite but it's there. If you cup your hands around the headphones, you can feel excursion. Impact is nice, sub bass is... Not exactly present. Highs.. Holy sweet jesus. Coming from M20x cans, these are great. Vocal clarity A+, highs are not painful but not quite. They are the most notable thing about these headphones. The infamous foam mod... I'm not doing it. If I wanted sibilance, I'd have gotten 598s or 600 ohm dt990s or.. 990s period. From my quick research, removing the foam will open up the soundstage but reduces bass which I like what's there, to remain there. The M20xs though weren't sub bass heavy, they extended lower than these. I'm now amazed at how good the M20xs are after hearing these. Though the vocal clarity isn't there, the highs aren't as noticeable... Well they're die hard monitors. EQable but if you want $50 monitors, they get the job done. I've had Numark Red Waves before those, some Afterglow headphones, got a broken pair of Razer Tiamat 2.2s, didn't work, that's how I got the M20xs. The vendor didn't want the tiamats. Don't get them. Just... Don't. Soundstage oddly enough is present in them but still. Clarity is none on any spectrum but they do rumble. If you have Razer 7.1, there is a preset that brings up the mids.
Feb 14, 2016
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