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Combat knives? Why do we want to be so combative all the time? What good has ever come of that? Shouldn't we be adding Peace, and Friendship and Camaraderie knives to our collections instead? I think we should at least give it a thought:
Voted for the Phoenix. For a "combat" knife I'd want longer blades than the Nimravus or the Ultima. The Tops Missile Strike is just...I don't even know what. Gimmicky, with a pommel that looks like it'd do more harm to the user than an opponent.
Hi guys, this is a range of knives that is missing in my collection of steel. There are a lot of options out there so its pretty easy to go wrong here, so I hope to get a good discussion started as well where current owners fixed combat knives can list their pros and cons with whatever knives they own are. Thanks for looking!