Oct 2, 2019
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Best-in-Class Sale 2022
Hi there everyone, It’s been a wild summer—especially here at Drop. We continue to add new colorways to our DCX collection. We released Marvel artisans, new aviator cables, and a number of new Icon Collection keyboards too. Plus, Zambumon rejoined us after a few years away; and MT3 Serika R2, the second iteration of his hit set, went live earlier this summer. In the Audiophile world, we finally launched the Drop + Etymotic ERX IEM—a dream collab years in the making. But we’re not stopping there. Back-to-school season is here—and we want to score top marks. So, we’ve launched our Best-in-Class Sale to do just that. Here’s what’s to come: 1. A huge selection of products are on-sale right now. You can find them here. 2. To make the discounts even better, we’re throwing in flash sales. Between 8/15 and 8/19, we’ll be adding special deals each morning at 9 a.m. PT. These will be Deals with a capital “D”—with discounts at a minimum of 40% per product. Each sale lasts just 24 hours...
Aug 12, 2022
Missing return
I dropped off a package that was supposed to be returned for a refund however it has been more than 2 weeks and no refund was ever received. Is there any way to contact support aside from emails? Thanks.
Aug 10, 2022
Cart Feature Request
Hello, I wanted to request a new cart feature for the website: wishlists. I know that the website already has the ability to save content that you can find later in your profile, but it only resolves to an entire set of content, not individual purchasable items. Once purchased, the item would be removed from the wishlist unless it's added back. For example, I'm building up both my SA Carbon and SA Oblivion sets. There's an absurd number of kits (awesome!), and my sets are each maybe 1/3 complete. I want to dump all the things I still need into a wishlist so I can easily pick and choose without having to remember what I already have, etc. Especially useful for aiming at free shipping. Anyway, I have lusted after this feature several times now, so I figured it was time to ask. Thank you! Morbii
Aug 8, 2022
Well here's to learning new things🤔 And to becoming efficient in my new endeavors.(technology has been intimidating to me in the past.....NOT the present or future!!) Im in the process of setting up Dropbox and linking all my gadgets together🙃
Aug 7, 2022
Anyone else having issues with lack of support from customer service about missing item?
Hello everyone, I am here because I do not know what else I can do at this point. For a little background, I purchased a headset back when Drop had their competing Amazon Prime Day sale. It was my first purchase ever from this company but I saw a good deal mentioned by a YouTuber and made the jump to purchase on sale. The product was definitely not cheap ($419) but in comparison to the cost before sale ($529), I thought it would be worth it. Fast forward a few days, I get a notification that shipment from carrier (UPS) would be delayed. I did not think much of it but followed up with it and update stated delivery scheduled to Friday, two days later than what was originally scheduled. Friday comes but no package. What's more concerning is that when I checked my email, Drop sent me something saying it was delivered Thursday. Apparently, the carrier changed from UPS to USPS without any explanation or notification as to why. Concerned, I asked my neighbors and leasing office if anything...
Jul 30, 2022
Why does my shipment update say "held at customs"?
This has been the status for 1 week now and I am really wondering what these guys are doing, did they find cocaine in my keyboard or something. Wondering If anybody had the same issue
Jul 26, 2022
Seiko SSC667 on a new "President" bracelet! I think it compliments this watch perfectly!
Jul 20, 2022