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What about the new Skylake-X CPUs?
lets all be sensible and vote for the i7 7700k and the 6850x. good for games and video editors .
There are very few sensible/smart people here..
Lmao... Why are people even complaining about the eXtreme series processors being voted for a drop? It is the most obvious choice to be added to the Drop to lower it's high price. To those making comparisons and trying to sound tech savvy -DON'T hurt yourself thinking. For your own safety.
The margins on the mid and low range stuff is too small to get a good deal anyway.
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Why no 7's?
Why is the Extreme edition even here. Seems like the poll have been hijacked by people not knowing it's literally tits out expensive and just voting for it because of the higher model number.
That is the whole point. To lower the price. It is the best available. So why not?
Is this a joke poll? Why is there even a $1700 enterprise level CPU option included?
The X series is for eXtreme enthusiasts. Its very existance is for overkill. Not particually for "enterprise" or server use.
As far as this list is concerned, the i7 6800K dollar for dollar out performs all the other i7's, and it's only real challenger is the i5 4690K for performance.
It is very silly that the 6950x is being most voted for... It's price doesn't justify it's performance. It's $1300 and what do you think the discount will even be on it? I can't imagine very much.
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It's still completely unnecessary for 99% of computer use for most people. My comment is from a year ago too, making it more viable for these CPUs to be sold at a discoun now. I'd still be very surprised to see them here for 40% off retail. This this cpu at $800 is still pointless. Sorry if you bought it at full retail price.
Why you sorry that I've brought it?
He forgot to add the 5960x
You can add it yourself. It is a poll.
I already added the 5960X
Vote now so we can get these new proccesors on mass drop.
These are the newest Intel proccesors