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Oblotzky has been discussing this - Space Cadet is the official name - in a Geekhack [IC]. It looks as if he has been in talks with GMK and Massdrop recently, too. Has this poll moved near the top of Massdrop's list because a drop might be on the way later this year? With doubleshot keycaps? I hope so...
I second @BobtheSpaceCadet's concern regarding inverse dye sub. I know it has been done, but I'm not sure how successful it was. How about MT3 for sculpted profile - would that supplier be willing to do inverse dye sub?
Any update?
Although I like the original SA one the most, it's good to have DSA or XDA profile of this kit.
Nice idea, but unless you're able to get inverse dye-subbed legends done as shown here this set won't work. Have you contacted anyone yet to see if they can actually do this set for you? My understanding is that inverse dye-subbing isn't very common, but I'd definitely be interested in XDA if the dye quality is alright and if there's num row, F row, and blank singles available.
I like the original abs sa sculpted. Unfortunately, the only way to get them thus far has been through 7bit. I like them, just not *that* much.