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This same impossible drop every few months.
im not sure how i feel about the switch
I voted for a potato.......I need it to cook :/
there are plenty to go around. I see about 4-6 just sitting there at any major store i got to that sells games.
Switch sucks
Why? It is not as powerful as say an xbox one x but is very powerful for what it is. I have always loved nintendo so i'm biased.
I don't think this drop will be successful nobody will sell those at a discount since they are on high demand
Everyone needs one of these babies, Especially now the software snowball is rolling (downhill). Great games you can play anywhere, and when you get home you can dock it for a minor resolution upscale, (which is a more comfy way to play splitscreen). Just remember it's a handheld first and foremost, don't bring console war nonsense in unless you're comparing it to other handhelds or phones/tablets (And how many other handhelds have couch co-op?). It's a DS on steroids.
Just a heads up to everyone who decides to get one stock is scarce your lucky to find one in stores yet alone who ever is doing this drop is gonna have to have enough switches for people that get one you may wait a while be receiving your switch but just want to tell everyone think about that stuff when ordering it from here
There won't be a drop for this. They also increased production by 300% since August.
If It was a few months ago I'd agree but it's not really anymore, Amazon now has it at MSRP, at least the original models are