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when will this turn into a drop?
If the QC25 drops for a nice price, I'll get it!! Always been sceptical to NC because I thought that a decent closed headphone would be good enough (unless you're on a plane). Yeah who was I kiddin'... Few weeks ago, my brother handed me the QC25 and asked me to put it on, without music. I can tell you, I never experienced such silence in a long time. I had forgotten how much background noise we live in these days...
Why go for the QC25, if the QC35 is just an optimized version, that can go wireless as well?
agree, dont get why people dont get the Bose QuietComfort 35
I have the Qc25 . Its great . I would like to have feedback of owners who have parrot zik
when the QC 25 will be on sale? Cannot wait!
I really think the Goldring ones should be considered. Read reviews here:
Just tried out the Bose QC25, the guy sitting next me at work has them. I've always been a sceptic about noise cancellation since I had a pair of Phillips about 9 years ago, they did very little indeed. However, with these Bose headphones it feels like you've entered an isolation cube. Of course you can still stuff from the outside, but the drop in unwanted noise is dramatic indeed. Only downside is the music loses some of the bass, but this can be adjusted out.