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I would love to see this green and orange combo!!
Hope this will be Cherry profile.
You know, the Fuku colour scheme's muted colours look very good. But you need to make it for regular keyboards because I can't find Cherry Profile anywhere let alone with great colourways.
I find that I am too late to personalizing my keyboard. Everyone already has the perfect profile in Cherry in every colourway and now I am stuck with all the losers who can't move on with their lives realizing that they have made it to the end. Now every keyset is horrible colours in horrible profiles. And they don't keep stock of great sets or make them any more. I feel like a lone wise being surrounded by clueless and by clueless sellers who sell the shittiest shit.
I don't care about the subjective tastes of morons. Greatness is greatness no matter how many clueless idiots will throw money at dog-shit.
Is PBT Cherry with a nice matching and/or muted colourway with good-looking font (big centered font is actually amazing) so hard? I don't know whose to blame more, the idiots who market these ugly sets or Massdrop for selling this garbage.
/rant. My opinion needs to be heard and people need to see my point of view.
Fuku seems so dope. is it for keyboards withouth number pad? I have a velocifire keyboard without a number section. If so this would be dope if you sell it. I dont got lots of money but would buy for 20-30 bucks.
It's specifically targeted towards ortholinear keyboards such as Planck and Preonic keyboards (see Of course, you can use the keys on any keyboard (except the spacebar and perhaps some of the modifier keys). Idk what add-ons, if any, will come with this set. There will definitely be no numpad keys in the base set, though.
Fuku please. at the point I have far too many 'classic color' in various profiles.
Lol yea let's make it happen! Which colorway do you like?
i like both lol, but fuku will be nice