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If you're voting for anything other than V30, you're either ignorant or just don't care about objective quality.
This isn't about your "preferred" device. Plenty of people are rightfully enamored with iPhones and samsungs... But until the iPhone X comes out, the LG V30 is the most technologically advanced and versatile phone by a very large degree.
I'm new here, so why are most of the options for "PHONE of this year" Xbox controllers and PC games?
Honestly the best phone by far is the V30. Not only does it have the lowest aperture on a smartphone But it has a screen similar in quality to an S8. But guess what were not forced to have a useless non-remapplble bixby button. And last but not least, were not forced to use Samsungs easily fooled "iris scanner". Becasue on the V30 the fingerlrint scanner is in a place that Everyone can reach. Unlike the S8. I love Samsungs high nits Oled screens and all. But it doesn't mean anything when the rest of the phone falls short.
Honor 9, 1+ 5, htc u11, pixel?
+1 for 1+
Note8 for specs and gorgeous screen, LG v30 for camera and music, iPhone8 for simplicity and speed.
No pixel 2/xl2?
My Top phone this year is a little bit older: HTC 10