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I have a few Stein's and none have bezel alignment issues. Great quality build at a fair price. The ETA automatic movement is solid and keeps my watch around +2 so good there. I guess you could say every watch made is a homage to an earlier watch is some way.
Mine actually has an issue with bezel and it's very hard to rotate. I'm also pretty disappointed about energy storage. I think if I send one to service they would have fixed that for free, but that's a pretty important gift for me and I'm worried it might get lost in shipping :(
Is this a vote to get them to make a watch that the bezel actually aligns correctly!! lol
I own the Ocean 39 ceramic and although is a homage (I see nothing wrong there) I think is a great watch, I have several automatics and the Steinhart is one of my favourite.
Just me and no offense to my compatriots, but I have no interest in a homage. Too many creative watch makers out there these days.
Any idea how many votes is needed for the watch to get listed for sale? Or is it dependent on the vendor case by case?
Give the 39mm Pepsi option too please...
I agree