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Please make these!!!
how is this not a thing?
I so hope this gets a run.
It's been 2 years since this poll was posted and this still has to be my favorite cap set design I have ever seen. I think this one will be worth the wait. I'm just hoping it comes to fruition. @Pwner know that you have support from many of us!
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I have considered it. I need to finish my Hypercube first though.
Praise be.
Still happening?
Is there a 40% option? That would be siiiiick
use 40% of the keys?
Lol the modifiers have to be special sizes.
Who is going to be A new hope for this set?
Only just discovered this design. I like the color scheme. And thank you for including mac keycaps! I can see that this set has been in the works for quite some time, but its all time well spent to iron out all the details - should this set be made reality.
@Pwner any update on progress on this set? I just came across this and am really interested.
Better be very careful not to run afoul of Luc@sfilm. They're absurdly litigious, and so is D!sney. Just putting the words "galaxy far, far away" on a public post like this might earn you a Cease and Desist...
better be maxkeys SA or DSA SP to have an adequate production time
Eh, I wouldn't be too interested in Maxkeys until the kerning issues with SP's old molds are addressed. I'd rather wait for the right legends versus look down and see "BACK SPACE" or "SHIF T".
Would they be DSA?
This would be an awesome set I hope itll happen
Will we get the novelties, as in getting into any copyright issues?
For an SW fan, I'm definitely down for it. Out if it's gonna follow the trend to go GMK.
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No need to excuse the wording.. I was more laughing at the thought that the problem will ever be solved. It seems to get more unlikely every day.
Very true. :/
Still waiting for multiple sets I'm in to even begin.
So what would be a realistic time frame for these to appear in a drop?
I wish I had an answer for you. I messaged Yanbo a couple weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back.
Nearly a year has passed; any (new) word?
Gonna need the numpad keycaps!
They will be included.
Really hyped for this currently waiting for the Carbon set to drop again but.... this is better by a factor of 10. Not sure which I'm going to end up buying... probably both if I'm honest. :P Especially as we won't see a drop for this until sometime next year.
I really wish there was a 1.75x sized modifier for Tada68s.
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Novelties are still a work in progress. Trying to fit the theme while not infringing on any copyright issues with something as big as Star Wars is a task. I may try and fit a 1.75 in, we'll see.
Thanks for the effort! This set is looking amazing no matter the outcome.
I really want this with the movie coming out soon, any idea when it might get released trying not to just order something like this from wasd
Any chance of a shine through variant for the arrows/numerics/novelties? Awesome design, sad that I opted for blue instead of orange for my setup..
Probably not for the initial run. It could be an idea for any possible future sets.
don't forget colemak and dvorak users!!!
If it's all R3, no separate kits would be needed to cover you. :)
That is good to know, it will save me at least $30 on child sets. But this set looks fun So I would probably shell out anyway if you don't go all R3.
Please don't make it uniform R3!
I want this more than I want cake.
Is there an ISO kit?
Yes, not everything is up on here. Check the IC thread on GH for everything.
I really want to see this happen man. I like the color scheme
When is this drop scheduled to go live?
Up to Massdrop but it's going to be a while.
OoooOoOoooo... Really looking forward to this drop! Any ETA on when we might see it?
No ETA yet.
Super excited for this one, I've been keeping an eye out for SA sets, and between this and Starry Night.... I'm going to have to sign up for some overtime at work :D