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OLight > others
If you want a pocketable high quality light that's quite inexpensive, i'd recommend the On The Road M3. $25 includes light, 16340 battery (surprisingly high quality & capacity), wall/usb charger fits most sized Li-Ion batteries, lanyard, removable/reversible clip, and neoprene case. Magnetic tail cap (magnet removable), low voltage warning, has all the protections. Choice of emitter binning. Over 900 lumens on high (real, actual lumens). 5 brightness settings (decent spacing), strobe, beacon, SOS modes that are there but not accidentally turned on. No visible PWM ! I'm a flashaholic, and its been my EDC for about a year now, with no issues. The Olight baton series traffic cones (orange & GITD White) fit perfectly too. In my mind, there is no better light for the money. No better light for a good $ 10 or $20 more!
No idea why someone specifically would not want a pocket clip... even if you just drop it in your pocket, the clip is still useful to keep the light from rolling around. Also, the clip is removable on most lights, like on my ThruNight and my Olight Baton Mini. Never had a clip fail on me, but I lost an Olight s3i because the keychain ring split, and my wife lost hers too the same way. No offense intended, I'm just saying I don't understand what's negative about a clip, especially if it's a good clip.
Kinda wish I had the regular S1 Baton instead of the mini, I think I'd make more use of the magnet than the slightly shorter length and brighter beam of the mini. To be honest, I don't carry even my small CR123 in my full-time "work clothes," just take the Baton Mini out on night walks and take my AAA Lumintop with me every day to work and around town. I bought my wife a FENIX UC02 because it's perfectly suited for the keychain and suburban handiness. It's hard to argue that she could need more than the FENIX gives (she's practical and not a gear enthusiast), and I like it even though it's too small for a pocket clip.
wel if you want something pocket friendly and without a clip, then the fenix E15 2016 update is a good choice. I can say that fenix twisty is one of the best because of its very smooth twist feel. and this update makes it sweeter as it now supports rechargeable 16340s/RCR123s.. Nice broad beam pattern too.
I'm looking for a pretty good everyday flashlight for pocket duty. I don't want a pocket clip. I want it around $50. Aluminum and steel are fine. This would be my first flashlight for EDC. I have a two CR123 flashlight for around the home and would like to keep this drop to 1 x CR123, 1 x AAA and 1 x AA flashlight. This should be good enough and I don't want or need a world beater. I have no need or want for uber expensive, boutique flashlight like the Muyshondt Aeon flashlight for $400, no matter how "good it is."