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[NEW] Reate Knives Torrent Flipper massdrops: Put choices, not just your new release knife, this is a poll not a press release. Looks like we need to add a "This is an advertisement" reporting button. Nice looking knifes though.
Id like to see the GSD drop.
Reate has a new knife - the K-1 which I've added. Liong Mah has a new G.S.D. (get sh* done), that comes in Bling (CF) or Tuxedo (black PVD & white micarta) also added. These both look to be real winners, LM built by Reate, of course.
Please add carbon fiber handle as option/upgrade for whichever design is chosen!!!!
The only knife shown available with CF is the Reate CF (hence the name) and only the display side is CF, as are most knives like this. Ti is the framelock side. The 2 I've added come with CF, the Liong Mah has it on both sides with a clever hybrid lock. The Reate K-1 has marbleized CF inserts, so don't expect the typical CF weave pattern.
Never heard of this company. It has a similar look and price to a Chris Reeve knife. Do you know how they compare?
I have a couple of Chris Reeve knives and one pays a lot just for the name. Aside from that, I do admire them for their simplicity. To me that is one kind of beauty... like a race car built solely for performance. The Reate Torrent is on the other side of the spectrum. It's a race car with bling. Now the Torrent reminds me of the Chris Reeve Umnumzaan. The blade shape is similar and the thumb studs are the blade stops. The Umnumzaan can be difficult to open and the lock bar is a bit sharp which wears on your thumb. There are no bearings on it so deployment of the blade takes some finesse. The Torrent blade will deploy with a simple flick. A knife collector would need to get both knives to appreciate the two styles.
I haven't ever actually tried one out for myself, but a couple months back, Mr. Mah himself came a-stridin' into PVK Vegas w/ a half dozen or so of his designs made by Reate. PVK is an automatic knife store par excellence: an amazing selection of Benchmade autos, Paragon/Asheville, Mikov, GT/Ratworx, Pro-Tech...and of course, Microtech. They must have pics of Tony Marfione 'in flagrante delicto' or something, because they get versions of Microtech models I didn't even know existed, and they regularly offer vintage/discontinued models in original, unopened packaging.
They do sell some cheaper autos, like Boker Kalashnikovs, but with very few exceptions, unless it's a Microtech or Pro-Tech folding knife, PVK only augments their automatics inventory with custom folders; maybe a few mid-techs by custom makers, like Todd Begg's "Steelcraft" line. But odds are thay a folder bought from PVK is a one-of-a-kind, single-maker custom that will set you back at least a grand, and maybe a hell of a lot more.
Anyway, as the story goes, Liong Mah just walks in and drops a load of knives in front of the PVK guys saying, eseentially, "you should sell my knives at your store." And now they have Liong Mah/Reate knives for sale next to $5K Vallaton and Tighe custom knives, with Damacus this and MokoTi that, chased with 24K gold, inlaid with hand-carved pieces of Mother Teresa's skull.
Again, I have no personal experience with them, but if they're good enough for PVK they're probably really damn good knives.
New reate knife looks pretty awesome, review by jim skelton: