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Just a heads up for anyone wanting to get the ONLINE Air Rollerball pens:
I just received a price alert that the listings have hit their historical low. Right now you can get any of the Air colors for £9.99 dispatched from amazon. The USD-to-GBP conversion isn't the greatest right now for Americans but overall this is the cheapest way to get these pens piecemeal at the moment. (Believe me on this. I've been emailing ONLINE customer service and other US resellers to no avail for the past few months.)
Right now I have three pens in my cart (Petrol, Lime, Violet) and the total, shipping included, is £34.58 or $42.79 USD. link:
Update: My order ended up coming out to $44.43 USD after amazon currency conversion and the pens will arrive around the 27th! Hurrah!
Until now I was only aware of the J. Herbin model. I'm still new to the pen enthusiast scene so I can't really compare how well it writes, but I can gripe about its length. Posted it's okay to write with, but the fact that only short cartridges can fit in the body is irritating.
I'd suggest that if there are some models on the list that aren't readily available to the general public in all markets, there might be more value in pursuing a drop for those models.
How do you get the Kakimori Refillable Rollerball Pen? I'd like to order a set and try them out
As of right now they've stated that they have no plans to sell to individuals over the net. But if enough people Email them at they could change their minds. (Here's the reply I received when I inquired about the pens a while back:

) I'm almost tempted to ask the guys at gouliet pens to see if they can score a gross to resell to the west.
I have 2 Online Germany Air rollerballs that I love. Much better quality than my J. Herbin rollerballs (the cap doesn't stay on now). The Air is a triangular shape, but because it's a rollerball it's not difficult to use if you have an odd grip, like with a Lamy Safari. Also comes in a bunch of colors.
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That's not bad at all. Cheers and thanks for the info!
You can convert them to eyedropper fill ~ just use a little silicone grease on threads after you fill
If anyone knows of other refillable rollerball pens, be sure to add them. I just learned of their existence a week ago so I'm in no way confident that I found all the rollerball pens available on the market.