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Soooo when is this happening?
when UE boom in red wins can i get it also in blue or black?
The sound quality and volume of any of the UE products are inferior to those of the Big Blue Party or the JBL XTREME
Yea that true but UE is more outdoors durable. Thouse JBL Xtreme and Big Blue party more inside house but for inside house you can get spearkers that you dont need to charge :D. Big Blue party sound nice but battery holds only ~4.5h sad :(
I´m not going to vote, because I´m not going to buy, but if you want to add more, I recommend you JAM STREET bluetooth speaker, it is cheap and durable.
I'd love to see the UE Boom on MD. A friend of mine got one of these and I was crazy surprised how good it sounded. The idea that I could bring a second one over to her place and we could connect them makes me want one of these even more.