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ISO please!
I would buy 2 sets of these!
I am a big Wes Anderson fan and would love to get this set!!
sorry everybody they sold the grand budapest on keyclack already happened like a month ago
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Alright thanks will do :>
Hey, that's me, I'm a year late. 😅
Personally I love this colorway, I just want it already!!! Great work!
This set is looking good!
Reported the lame guy that submitted the option for none. Instead next time just move along and don't vote.
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voting no just for you :-}
Looks good, hope it works out!
The beige version is cheaper because there's no custom colours, correct?
Most probably yes, but I am awaiting a quote from the manufacturer for more details
I like this colorway, unusual but it works well if you ask me, looking forward to this set launching!