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Now Available!

Thanks to bryane for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x Data SA Danger Zone Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Massdrop x Data SA Danger Zone Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Data SA Danger Zone Custom Keycap Set

I need the EVE set ASAP!!!
Need SA Oblivion ...
please~ i need SA oblivion.
does the 1976 have a ergodox layout, cant tell from the pics
vote hyperfuse dammit
1976 please
Starry Night looks gorgeous, does anyone know if it ever made it to production? I found an old blog post from 2016 but no official mention on JK's website.
I am new to custom Mechanical Keyboards, so pardon the question, but are these unique, exotic keycaps available to purchase anywhere? I have searched the net, but nothing comes up. Open to assistance...
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Would be great to see an expanded Penumbra set. Really a beautiful set. Love solarized colors.
If anyone happens to have a 1976 set for a 60% keyboard, they'd be my best friend forever!!
There needs to be a vote for an optimus popularis keyboard That thing is pretty damn nice with customizations for just about anything and the ability to change the color of the keys from your computer is really nice
Someone needs to make the DSA Granite Keycaps in SA profile.
Will there be options to have ISO compatibility in the resulting drop?
If they ran penumbra they should do 112343. I think it’s the best profile.
Would be great to have some options with a French keyset
If there is an SA troubled minds Please contract me
Please bring back Modern Selectric !
I would love to see danger zone be rerun in sculpted profile
Man, I would really like Grand Budapest!
If there is an SA 1976 set
Please please please, Ergodox Dvorak kit. Seriously, I'll pay absurd money for that!
dose anyone have/know where i can get the chocolatier set i desperately want it for my 10keyless
try looking on r/mechmarket, i saw a full set from it that was un-used go for around 300
Was voting for Otaku but just bought a set off of PMK. So stoked, got a Granite, IceCap and Otaku now and a handful of artisans! Waiting on the Preonic to drop and also have a couple Planck with the MiTo and Matt3o sets ordered.. Come on Preonic, I got all these keysets waiting for you!
oh my god I never knew I wanted my keyboard to match my text editor colors until just now
For those interested, Penumbra are available for $170 preorder
Those are cherry profile, not SA
PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE TOPRE!!! There are NO topre keysets anywhere :<
My poor HHKB Pro 2 is pretty jealous of all my other boards lol.
I love SA Keycaps but i use the Neo-Layout[1]. I would like to see a pack like the Dvorak/Colemak but for the Neo-Layout.
i would die for troubled minds keyset, i am the biggest fan of Evangelion and the joker! its exactly what i want for my keyboard :-(
Let's sum things up.
1) None of the sets in this poll will run via this method of voting with no added work. 2) Those wanting Penumbra hopefully paid attention to the Penumbra thread on GeekHack as Penumbra Round 2 went up on Originative and is already sold out. 3. If you want any of these sets to be run, do the work to create the information needed by Signature Plastics (colors per key, keys needed, any specific graphics in vector format for novelties), submit the information to SP for a price request. Receive that price request then submit to a vendor for group buy. If that vendor is MassDrop, best of luck as communication from designers is hit/miss.
I'm a little confused. Isn't the point of the poll to let Massdrop know what people are intesested in? I don't exactly know how it works but I would have thought that someone at Massdrop looks at the popular polls, contacts the manufacturer/supplier with an estimated number of orders, sets up a drop, collects orders and money, etc... If not then what is the point of Massdrop allowing these polls if nothing will come of it. At the end of the day isn't Massdrop essentially a way to facilitate group buys.
It depends. If the vote is from the designer of the set looking to have it run, MassDrop can take that information work with the designer behind the scenes to get the additional paperwork required by SP to run the set.
In the case of keysets like this particular vote, no. This isn't a poll from a designer with a design ready to run. It's simply a wish poll from people wanting previously run sets to run again. MassDrop doesn't just call up Signature Plastics and say, "hey, run another set of Penumbra." They wait for a designer to step in and have all the paperwork SP will need.
As to MassDrop, yes, they can facilitate the group buy. What they don't do in this case is create all the information necessary for Signature Plastics to actually produce the desired sets. That includes creating the colorway, determining profile, creating the vector files needed for any novelties, creating the kits, and posting an interest check on the various keyboard forums. That's all typically done by the person/people creating the colorway.
It's like I previously said, if you want one of those sets re-run, you'll need to line up all the paperwork needed and probably submit a pricing request to SP and have all that ready, then submit to MassDrop's vendor email as well as putting up a separate poll strictly for that colorway and probably putting up an interest check on some/all the major keyboard forums.
Wait is this for the normal Penumbra or the solarized version (or is there only 1 version?). Because I have seen some penumbra sets with white keycaps and some with yellowish (solarized) ones. I doubt it is the pictures that makes them look different...Cause I prefer the whiteish Penumbra sets I have seen.
Sing it with me ! Penumbra-lu-la ....
That's funny
As long as some of these will have a Dvorak layout I will be happy, Starry Night would be sadly messed up by rearranging the keys .