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Is this drop still alive?
I like the colors. Very calming
Really like the colorway and theme, I would definitely buy it!
Thanks for your support
It seems all right
Thanks for your support.
Amazing color way, though I was hoping it would be uniform row 3 SA. I find they visually look better also a bit easier to type on also more rare, thanks!
Thanks for your advice.
Omg I LOVE monument valley, so this colorway is a must buy. That said, please consider something other than SA. It’s too devisive of a profile. GMK at least, or my preference would be XDA or DSA.
Thanks for your advice.
Aaaaand here's another ANSI Maxkey layout. Too bad. I really like the colorway.
Would love an Ergodox variant that followed this pattern
There aren't enough people Ergodox likes.
Jaws dropping. Make it SP SA!
Thank you for your support
looks amazing!!
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Thank you for your support
Thank you for your advice.